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  1. PopZeus

    iBasso IT00 and AM05 Two very different IEMs with one purpose, to Enjoy the Music!

    Given the V-shape of the IT00, FiiO FD5 is similarly tuned and a big step up in terms of technicalities. There is a bit more lower treble with the FD5, but overall the graphs have more in common than not.
  2. PopZeus

    Meze Audio 109 Pro

    My personal 109 Pro EQ based on my library and taste (no Q value because my DAP doesn't use PEQ): preamp: -2 db 30 Hz: +2 db 60 Hz: +1 db 2k Hz: +2 db 4k Hz: -2 db 8k Hz: -1 db It's all pretty subtle because the overall tuning is so close. Just a bit extra or shy in a couple of spots.
  3. PopZeus

    Meze Audio 109 Pro

    It's a pretty fun all-rounder. Great with most genres. There are a lot of poorly recorded/mastered, but otherwise fantastic rock and metal albums. The 109 Pro won't do much to hide that, but for the worst offenders a little EQ really takes the edge off.
  4. PopZeus

    Meze Audio 109 Pro

    Fair enough. I've not heard the MM-500 to say either way. But most full-size planars in my experience, including those that are supposedly easy to drive, need more power than most portable devices can deliver in order to achieve sound quality that's worthy of what they cost. Sure, you can power...
  5. PopZeus

    Meze Audio 109 Pro

    The big takeaway for me is this thing is great with portable devices. When paired with the N6ii + R01, the 109 is more polite and refined. When paired with the RU6, it's more fun and NOSsy.
  6. PopZeus

    CanJam SoCal 2022 (September 17-18, 2022)

    We finally got a list price for the Meze 109 Pro. $799 is not a casual purchase, which means at least there will plenty of reviews by the time I'm ready. :sweat_smile:That driver does look incredibly cool though, as far as those things go. And I'm glad they settled on copper accents. Looks...
  7. PopZeus

    GUSTARD DAC-R26 Balanced Decoder R2R+1Bit Dual Native Decoding Music Bridge

    Wouldn't pairing the R26 with the U18 be enough? Why do I need the C18 also? You're more than doubling the cost of the R26 at that point...
  8. PopZeus

    ZMF HOT CUP SUMMER PT II: Labor Day Edition

    These Auteur Classic Ltds are so cool. Might have to sell the Aeolus in order to fund the purchase. Sighh... Also, just had to say the Hot Cup Summer videos are frickin' hilarious.
  9. PopZeus

    On August 30, 2022, FiiO 2022 Autumn Launch Event will get to us. Let's stay tuned for it!

    FH7s looks like something Tony Stark would make. Minus the red and gold colorway...
  10. PopZeus

    GUSTARD DAC-R26 Balanced Decoder R2R+1Bit Dual Native Decoding Music Bridge

    The built-in streaming capability is immediately head-turning for me. I like the Bluesound Node and all, but I think I'm ready to try Roon out or some other method to reduce the amount of hardware clutter in the living room, and maybe even get a bump up in sound quality. I don't know if I need...
  11. PopZeus

    Bassy, single dynamic-driver IEM recommendations

    Hey, here's a quick summary of my journey the past year or so: My IEMs, current and for the near future, are the Thieaudio Elixir, FiiO FD5, and FiiO FD7. The FD5 might have the best technical 1DD in its price range that I've heard, but the tuning is too V-shaped for me, so I EQ it. Only thing...
  12. PopZeus

    Can you hear a difference between DAC's?

    The value of DSD rests mostly on its native compatibility with delta-sigma DAC chips, based on my very limited experience. The benefit of R-2R is its more native compatibility with more common audio formats like mp3, aac, flac, etc, but there's more to it than just that. I do believe many R-2R...
  13. PopZeus

    FiiO FD5 - 1DD Flagship from FiiO

    If I had any feedback for an upgrade to the FD5, I'd mostly go for tuning fixes. I still think the FD5's 1DD is one of the best technical drivers in an IEM that I've ever heard for under $300, but it has not enough upper mids (1-2kHz) and too much lower treble (4-8kHz) by an almost equal amount...
  14. PopZeus

    Warm sounding single DD?

    The Elixir can be a bit fit-dependent in my experience but it's better than the Tanchjim O2.
  15. PopZeus

    Cayin N6ii, Unlimited Possibilities: a fully modularized smart DAP

    Depends on the headphone. All things being equal, the R01 is overall a warmer module than the E02, but the R01 cannot drive bigger, hungrier headphones properly like the E02 can. The amp stages for each module are pretty different afaik. When it comes to bass, that means inefficient headphones...
  16. PopZeus

    Introducing the HIFIMAN Sundara Closed-Back

    Interesting.... the design is nice! Looking forward to the graphs before I can say it's for me, but this seems like a good idea.
  17. PopZeus

    Cayin N6ii, Unlimited Possibilities: a fully modularized smart DAP

    The A01 is a fine sounding module but the N6ii seems like less of a good get if you're not going to partake in the different modules. You might as well go with a different DAP that offers a better form factor. Also, the N6ii has been discontinued, so there's that. In-production models might be a...
  18. PopZeus

    Audio-gd R2R 11

    The R1 is a standalone DAC. Cheapest one AGD makes, but still ends up costing a little bit more than the Ares 2. What you get with the R1 is to be able to run all outputs simultaneously (among other options). Should be noted that AGD and Denafrips go for different R-2R house sounds though, so...
  19. Meze 99 Noir w/ Meze SPC 2.5mm balanced cable

    Gently used pair. In great cosmetic condition. My listening habits have changed and I no longer have use for a closed-back headphone. Comes with all original accessories including: hardshell case, 6ft OFC cable, airplane adapter, and 1 large and 1 small set of ear pads (small installed). Also...
  20. PopZeus

    The discovery thread!

    Picked up the Elixir, and while the fit & comfort is a bit finnicky, that IEM's superpower is the bass and mids and has me hooked. Much prefer it to the KATO. Treble quality and extension goes to Moodrop's 1DD IEM (though I don't like the typical Moondrop-boosted lower treble). Really, the...
  21. PopZeus

    Cayin RU6: R-2R USB Dongle DAC with Head-Amp

    This is on sale now. Shoulda waited a week.