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  1. zeluiz22

    Dont hate me cuz I'm beautiful

    Before purchasing some Bowers.P5s, my google search inevitably brought me back here where I saw the P5s had been devoured by HeadFi stigmatosis. A combination of prejudice against style, combined with an early unfavorable post by a headphonus supremus nips in the bud any serious critiquing of a...
  2. zeluiz22

    Props to SLEEK AUDIO and SA6

    In addition to a superb product (I am currently listening to Little WIng/Third Stone from the Son by Stevie Ray Vaughan and the sparkle of the cymbals and the heart-pounding bass drum are truly lifelike for an IEM), the customer service has been excellent. Jason has personally and promptly...
  3. zeluiz22

    Denon D5000 and the Boomy Bloated Bass Brognosticators

    I bought both the D2k's and the D5k's at Amazon, and ran them both from an X-Can v3 and an X-can v8. Listening from an MF A5 as a preamp and a Cambridge 840c as a DAC (for Squeezebox) and CD Player. I also run a Clearaudio Emotion with a Grado Reference Master. Listened to Dylan, Neko...
  4. zeluiz22

    The 300-Hr Soundstage Kool-Aid Acid Test

    Maybe it was Phil Gold at EnjoytheMusic or the knowledgeable Vade Forrester over at Soundstage or maybe this forum on its own, but... ... a well-deserving series of gleaming reviews of the AKG K701's inadvertantly creates a lab test for the Kool-aid drinking that goes on on this forum daily...
  5. zeluiz22

    PSA: These are the GENUINE ARTICLE- cx300's Just got a pair today. They pass the... ...test, minus the branding. They sound incredible.
  6. zeluiz22


    ... AND YOU CAN THANK THE V-MODA VIBES. The reason that switching tips doesn't make a difference is because these aren't traditional IEM's; they are MINI OPEN-BACK CANS. It's both unnecessary and impossible to get a seal with these. In fact, it defeats the purpose of the open back...
  7. zeluiz22

    Am I Grado nitpicking?

    I purchased brand new and sealed 325is from an authorized dealer. They came with a not-so-small chip (quarter inch) along the lip on the inner plastic housing that sits under the foam pads. Is this a big enough problem to ask for a replacement?
  8. zeluiz22

    Anybody's Grado's in Green?

    I mean the foam packaging. MY RS1s came in a pool-table green foam insert. Anyone else?
  9. zeluiz22

    Anyone ever compare MS1's to Sr225s?

    I've got both on the way, and must settle on one for walking-around-the-city phones. Any thoughts?
  10. zeluiz22

    New RS-1s on Ebay for 550; 3 avail I am not affiliated with this sale- just FYI. I have bought two pairs of 325is from this seller, however, and he is the real thing.
  11. zeluiz22

    Sweet Mother of Grado it's true!

    The RS-1s ARE that good. I was skeptical; didn' t think I'd hear a big difference from 325is. I was wrong to say the least.
  12. zeluiz22

    The only drawback with Grado and jazz

    For me, the "Grado sound' on paper and in life is made for jazz, with one drawback. The best jazz recordings are old and from live club sessions and sonically pretty hacked up. Even studio stalwarts like "Tenor Madness" reveal gaps and choppyiness, never mind the great earlier live stuff of...
  13. zeluiz22

    Why is it the Grado sound that's colored?

    "Colored" as we use it means that the sound through the phones is somehow altered from the sound coming out of the source. (not sure I'm comfortable with the historic conotations of "colored' but that's for a different forum). In any event, I took the Senn (650s) to Grado (RS2's and now...