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  1. HerrXRDS

    Looking for good all rounder over ear with fun sound signature for music and large and precise soundstage for games.

    I've been out of the headphone game for a while now as I've been using IEMs exclusively for a few years now. Recently I've dusted off the few headphones I have left, a Beyerdynamic DT990, AKG Q701, old Sony V6 and Philips X1 and was surprised at how bad they sounded compared to most of my...
  2. HerrXRDS

    Open sound, big bass, bullet style IEM that is easy to drive.

    Help me find an easy to drive IEM , bullet style preferably, to use it on the go, mostly with my Switch. Needs open and large sound, big bass, good treble extension without being tiring. Sound as neutral as possible with elevated bass. The E4000 and E5000 would be great but on my Switch with...
  3. HerrXRDS

    Open sounding, large soundstage IEMs

    Looking for something with deep and controlled bass with good impact that you can feel, melodic and clear mids, sparkling highs with great details. Something like the sound signature of the FH5 but with a much more open presentation. From what I've read, the EX-1000 could fit the bill but never...
  4. HerrXRDS

    How important is polarity on BA?

    I have a hybrid IEM, 2DD+1BA. The wiring is all ****ed up. Not even the same on both of them so I'll have to redo it. I can see on the DD which is positive and which negative so that's good, It also has a resistor for the BA so I'll use that on the positive lead, but no idea what's the correct...
  5. HerrXRDS

    VSD1S for gym use ?

    Any experiences with the VSD1S used as workout IEMs? How well do they cope with sweat and how many months of use did you get out of them? My last gym pair was GR02. Latest over a year but now the right channel is starting to go so it's time for a new pair. I do have a bunch of other cheap IEMs...
  6. HerrXRDS

    Sound Blaster Z > Magni > DT990 , will Fiio D03k make a difference?

    I recently upgraded my old, low impedance cans to DT990 250Ohms, I was not expecting this to be so complicated. I've been reading this forum for the past two days, developed a serious headache and things are still unclear so if you could give me some advice I would appreciate it.     Currently...