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  1. Halimj7

    Looking For a Warm analog sounding DAP

    Can anyone suggest a warm analog sounding DAP under $500 primarily for iems this will replace my wolfson iPod classic, my preferred sound signature. Thanks
  2. Halimj7

    Looking For Dark IEM

    Help please I am looking for a dark tonality iem around $500 or less that is light comfortable and easy to put in the ear for bed listening. When I say dark I mean warm full bass like bio bass and recessed upper treble and highs. My main source is Sony WM1A. The closest full size headphone...
  3. Halimj7

    What Is The Best Headphone For a Treblehead?

    I’m craving good quality and prominent treble - preferably a diffused frequency response - what do you recommend? Also Prefer a closed back. Price is no option. Thanks.
  4. Halimj7

    Looking For Fastest Headphones

    No price constraints. I prefer closed but will take open. Interested in everyone’s opinions. Fastest I’ve heard so far: Diana and Acoustic Research ARH1. Thanks everyone.
  5. Halimj7

    Best Qualities for a Headphone and Best Headphones for These Qualities

    I was thinking today about what qualities for a headphone are most important to me. I narrowed them down to the following (not in any particular order): Tonality, Soundstage, Dynamics, Frequency Response, Speed, Detail, Isolation (for a closed back), Comfort Then I began to ask myself, "would...
  6. Halimj7

    Texas Instruments Aureus/Pioneer VSX 522 k

    Anyone familiar with this DAC chip, its quality and how it will perform with Grado sr3251is/AKG Q701/HD 650? Thanks.
  7. Halimj7

    AK4358VQ DAC Chip/Denon AVR 1612

    Anyone know about the quality of this DAC or how it will perform with Grado sr325is/Q701/HD 650? Thanks.
  8. Halimj7

    Meets or headphone testing in New England area

    Forgive my ignorance. How do I find out about upcoming meets or where to test headphones in the Connecticut area? Thanks
  9. Halimj7

    Best Headphones for low volume listening?

    The latest thread on this topic was from 2006 so I figured it would be good to bring up this topic again. Like me, im sure many of you are concerned about your hearing. Without our ears we can not fully enjoy this hobby. As I get older I get more concerned and low level listening has become a...
  10. Halimj7

    Help with new headphones please

    Hey guys/girls, I thought I would never ask such a subjective question, but here goes... I am new to the hobby and have not heard many headphones. I currently own and love the Denon ah-d7100's. I also have a pair of porta pros, koss kde 250's, and ah-d2000's. I used to own pairs of senn 558 and...