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  1. psikey

    Samsung S10

    Lets post info here (not seen another thread yet) I have a corporate account and look after company phones and have pre-ordered: S10e in Black S10 128GB in Green S10+ 512GB Ceramic Black (likely one I will use/keep) Been a while since I've used a Samsung as I stick with the LG V30+ for its...
  2. psikey

    Didn't realise Bluetooth could sound so good!

    Been using my Shure SE535's with iPhone adapter cable for a while now but also used an old set of Bluetooth SE DS980 earphones when out walking and they arn't bad but too bass'y and no comparrison to wired SE535's. I since sold my iPhone (ready for iPhone5 coming out) and so using a Blackberry...
  3. psikey

    Question about Touch 3G & Amp

    Currently using my 64GB 3G Touch with Shure SE530's and really pleased with the SQ from these two but would one of the Fiio E5 amps improve SQ even more? Will the Fiio 5 work from headphone socket & from the line-out. Applogies, but I'm no expert and know really nothing about amps other...
  4. psikey

    Question: SE530's, Hiss & attenuator

    Have previously used my Shure SE530's with a 4th Gen Nano & Touch 2nd gen and no background hiss, but thought I'd try out the Walkman A829's and there's a lot of hiss. The supplied Volume attenuator that came with the Shures will totally remove the hiss by only having it set around 20% from...
  5. psikey

    What mp3 player syncs fully with WMP11? (2 way sync)

    Coming from an iPod Nano I make extensive use of Autoplaylists and Star Ratings and play counts. Currently using my SE W960i Walkman phone since getting some Shure SE530's as they really showed up how crap the iPod sound quality was with my Walkman phone so much better. Anyway, looking for...