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  1. filipelli

    What is on your "TO BUY" List?

    Just wanted to see if a thread like this would give us as much entertainment as the "What came in the mail today" and "Post the last thing you bought"...could be redundant who knows. Anyways I always make lists of what I need to buy, or what I want to buy eventually when I save enough money...
  2. filipelli

    New to mac: A few questions!

    Hey guys! I am pretty noobish when it comes to the capabilities of apple computers, so I have a few questions...I hope you guys can help! I tried posting this in the appropriate mac forums, but they are truly disappointing. No one gives more unbiased and knowledgable advice than head-fiers...
  3. filipelli

    double post!! oops!

    shoot! Double posted! I quoted dvessel's post to the other thread if anyone is interested! Thanks!
  4. filipelli


    this thread is full of fail apparently. sorry for wasting people's time.
  5. filipelli

    Need advice: looking for mixer for the TT

    Hey guys, I am getting my turntable set up back from my boyfriend and would like to upgrade the mixer I have. I am looking for something small with four inputs (2 phono/2 line ins are fine). I don't know what are good brands or good quality mixers, so was just wondering if anyone out there...
  6. filipelli

    Extremely disappointed by every other forum on the net, besides Head-fi

    I don't know. This is probably another one of those I LOVE HEAD-FI threads, or will become one, but I just started looking into other forums for the various portable players I have. Won't really mention them, but I have not found another forum that has the activity, nor the quality of community...
  7. filipelli

    OVER! The winner is GOOBER-GEORGE! - Head-fi GIVEAWAY - Low Profile LOD!

    And the winner is..... GOOBER-GEORGE! Thanks everyone for playing! And congrats to goober-george! Rules: 1. Must have 50 posts and joined before May 2008. 2. I enjoyed contrastique's give post some more funnies! No LOL cats please (trying to make this more...
  8. filipelli

    UE Custom Art - Can you have them put it on after?

    Hey Guys, I remember reading some confirmation somewhere that you can have UE put on custom art for you after you got your IEMS back. Just wondering if this is true.I have a blank pair of ue5c for which I couldn't decide what art to get. Can anyone of you UE owners confirm that you were able...
  9. filipelli

    Quick simple question about the Echo Indigo DJ

    I did some googling and searching...but man I can't find a clear cut answer. Just wondering if the DJ has two headphone outputs that are controllable by volume? My PCMCIA slot is on the left side of my computer and I would like the headphone out to be the on the side of the card closest to me...
  10. filipelli

    Marshmallows: which one is the good one?

    Hi guys, I am about to pull the trigger on a pair of marshmallows for the gym...but I don't know which one to get! Sorry if this has already been discussed. Are these the right ones? JVC HAFX34B Marshmallow headphones: Electronics Those are the FX34B. What is the difference...
  11. filipelli

    Boyfriend has taken over vinylphile status in our relationship...

    As always, I AM THE COOL ONE! I moved across the country to go to school and left behind my vinyl rig for him to take care of. And now... he is Mr. Vinylphile! It's his "favorite" hobby now. He's gone to practically every record store in the bay area, and rubs it in people's faces that he "loves...
  12. filipelli

    Printer-fi: I need a new laserjet!

    Any suggestions out there for a new laserjet? I'd like bang for the buck! Budget is around $250, but I would like one that is reliable, with toner lasting a long time and not too $$$. What do you guys reccomend?
  13. filipelli

    nikon p5100: what do you guys think?

    I am seriously considering getting this camera to accompany my stock D40. I have a sigma 30mm, but I found myself not being able to use it as much, for my needs because I have to do social shots. The reviews seem mixed. I am in no way a professional photographer and I wouldn't even call myself...
  14. filipelli

    Any volume attenuators out there besides Shure?

    Hey guys, I am looking for a volume attenuator. Is there anything else out there besides shure and koss? Why isn't there any kind of DIY in this area?!
  15. filipelli

    need advice: sell the sigma 30mm or get a nikon p5100

    Yes they are in totally different leagues and it really depends on how much I will use both. I was just wondering what you guys would do. Right now I have a nikon d40 and it is too big for me to carry and whip out on a whim taking photos for yearbook, or for my website. However, it really comes...
  16. filipelli

    I don't want to go deaf with my amp.

    Hey guys, I have a Xin Supermini IV paired with my iPod Nano, and while I love the amp (man so good), I am deathly afraid that I might nudge the volume control accidentally, and possibly damage my hearing. I am using UE5cs at really low volume with this set up and was wondering if there is...
  17. filipelli

    Denon AH-D1000 Amazon $100 shipped.

    Not sure where to post this. But just wanted to share this deal. Seems like $50 off the listed price for the black version, but I am not sure if this is a total deal. Just for those interested. They are new, and its free shipping no tax, so why not? Denon AH-D1000K Headphones...
  18. filipelli

    I don't know what bad headphones sound like anymore!!!

    It has been a long time since I have owned some crappy headphones. I have been wanting to show my new friends what kind of hobbies I have, and so far they do not think I am crazy for really liking headphones and things audio. In fact, they think its cool, which is beyond me, because the...
  19. filipelli

    Comparing Denon AH-D1000 and Grado Sr-60: Possible?

    I just bought a pair of Denon AH-D1000 on the advice of some members here for my BF because of the great comfort and closed nature. However, it got me curious about the sound...I am a grado girl and treasure my sr60s. Just wondering if someone can give me the run down comparing these two cans...
  20. filipelli

    Need Diabetes Advice: Educational Comic Book for Children

    Hi everyone, Head-fi has always helped me whenever it I am hoping there are people out there who can give me some advice now. I am currently working on helping my community, spreading the love. I recently decided to spearhead a new educational comic book for children...
  21. filipelli

    Headphones/IEM for the me choose something for the boyfriend.

    My BF is no audiophile, but he tries to pretend to be to appease me =). In fact...I let him babysit my vinyl set up and collection while I am away at school! Anyway, he just got promoted so like a cool girlfriend I want to get him some nice ear candy to congratulate him. Right now he only has...
  22. filipelli

    Boyfriend didn't get me anything for vday...

    ...should I buy myself UE11? true sadness.. edit... this is not a story about me being selfish and wanting something materialistic on this commercial holiday, but rather this thread shows bits and pieces of me seeing my self worth, as well as realizing the lack of care and attention...
  23. filipelli

    UE5c and UE5Pro...What is the difference?

    I am trying to look for the answer to this, but all I get is speculation in the search function! Can someone enlighten me? About to pull the trigger on some UE customs!
  24. filipelli

    Ahh someone stop me, I want UE!

    Studying always makes me want to buy stuff....and its midterm exams time...Just grooving along with my livewires and now I am considering the UE5c. As much as I love my livewires, the UE really ignites my curiosity. Is there anyone out there who can stop me? I am a grado gal, but I love my...
  25. filipelli


    sorry..discussed already