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  1. Nemoona

    Wanted: Headphoneus Supremus Instagram user

    As some of you may know, there is a community run Instagram page: @Head_Fi. I am the sole owner of that page however I want that to change. I'm looking for a reputable member (preferably Headphoneus Supremus) who has an active instagram page, and who thinks they would be great at running a...
  2. Nemoona

    Need help choosing Fiio X3 or Audioquest Dragonfly

    First off, I know this is a weird question. Comparing a DAP to a DAC/Amp. I'd like to know which has better sound quality. The Fiio X3 II or the Audioquest Dragonfly. I do know some specs (X3 is more portable, Dragonfly doesn't connect to phones, X3 needs an SD) Recently I was set on buying the...
  3. Nemoona

    Affordable DAP for Senheiser HD558

    I'm a new music-lover who created his account one day before asking this. I bought the Sennheiser HD558 a short while back and loved it, But recently, after plugging my Sennheiser's into a stereo, I realized that there was MUCH more sound quality to be had when I use dedicated audio equipment...