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  1. lucky

    Credit card debt vs. headphone gear value: which is greater?

    A comment in a brisk thread got me to make this thread about something I'd been wondering about for a while. Here's the comment: Quote: Originally Posted by Head-fi poster boo todd and boo grado. Every time I get close to having my credit card payed off, some limited edition grado...
  2. lucky

    Ever sent headphones to Audio Technica for repair?

    So my beloved AD700 are, as of this moment, not working (cable mishap). I tried to fix it myself, but I just can't solder well enough to make it worthwhile. Before sending it in, does anyone know how much AT charges for basic cable replacement? I'm trying to decide whether I should just get a...
  3. lucky

    Did anyone pick the K601 over the K701?

    I'm considering both of these phones, and am wondering if anyone who picked/preferred the K601 over the K701 would elaborate on why they did. I've read too many old threads, and some current opinions would be nice.
  4. lucky

    The One (Full-Sized) Headphone Club

    After selling my HD555, I'm back down to one full-sized headphone. Does anyone else here have one full-sized phone? If so, what is it, and what do you listen to with it? I'll start. I've got an AD700 that I listen to everything with. Right now, I'm on Rilo Kiley.
  5. lucky

    Rank your full-size headphones by soundstage

    A simple thread. Collect all your full-sized headphones that you currently own, and rank them from most to least soundstage, per your ears. :^) AD700 > HD555.
  6. lucky

    The ATH-AD700 Discussion Thread

    I searched and didn't find one, so figured I'd start one. Does anyone else really enjoy these phones? I never thought I'd find a better bargain than my HD555 for the $100 mark, but these are at least the equals. So...any AD700 fans out there? :O)
  7. lucky

    AD900 or K701 - which would you get?

    Depending on whether or not I sell my iPod this week, I may order one of the two above phones. I've been leaning toward the K701 because from what I've read in the forums, they have a marvelous soundstage (like the AD700). On the other hand, the AD900 is in the same price range (both are ~$250...