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  1. senny-ftw

    Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

      This isn't present with DAC1, or Hugo, or even 5.5g iPod. It's well published that the Mojo is warmer and less neutral than the Hugo to make it more forgiving to poor recordings but I believe this is what makes it a difficult pairing with IE800s.
  2. senny-ftw

    Chord Mojo DAC-amp ☆★►FAQ in 3rd post!◄★☆

    I thought I'd explain why I'm returning my Mojo and buying a Hugo.   While the Mojo can be fantastic with some music and the exceptional timing is pleasing and low fatigue, with IE800s I find this is spoilt by overly warm low-mids and elevated bass, making it frustratingly hit-and-miss...
  3. senny-ftw

    $100 Dollar Headphones - Choices

    Right. What you seem to want is a headphone under $100 that sounds good, blows away your Sonys and is: - Suitable for gaming - Able to sound good unamped straight from a sound card - Well-rounded to sound good with all kinds of music, and that includes dance with some thumpy beats -...
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    "In Rainbows" - When Do You Think That You'll Get Yours?

    I took a few pictures of the box set - see here
  5. senny-ftw

    "In Rainbows" - When Do You Think That You'll Get Yours?

    I got mine just now. The courier said he's been delivering them constantly since Monday to excited fans in my area... apparently his company is delivering 17,000 preordered copies in the UK.
  6. senny-ftw

    ipod classic or something else?

    Quote: Still, I've never had any kind of hdd problems with my 160gb.. x2
  7. senny-ftw

    Mac OS X Leopard Up-to-Date Program Questions???

    Quote: I've installed Leopard on six of my machines. Only six? What about the rest of them?! I installed Leopard yesterday with the default (upgrade) options. It takes about 60 seconds to go through the installation questions, then you can just leave your computer for an hour and...
  8. senny-ftw

    USB-Powered Portable Hard Drives - Recommendations

    x2 for the MyBooks. I have a Pro 500GB, an ES 400GB and I'm about to buy another - either the Pro 750GB or the Studio Edition 1TB. Well designed, quiet, no fan, attractive case, reliable and plenty of interface options in the range.
  9. senny-ftw

    Final Upgrade - Sound card suggestion

    USB sound card -> optical (toslink to toslink) -> Beresford TC-7510 MK6 -> RCA -> Little Dot MKIII -> Sennheiser HD595 Seems like far too many boxes for the easy-to-drive, forgiving, not very detailed HD595. When I had HD595s I used them as follows: - Laptop --> Total Bithead (via USB)...
  10. senny-ftw

    New to Mac.. Help me get started! :)

    Why don't you use iTunes to play FLAC?
  11. senny-ftw

    Have You "(Radiohead's) In Rainbows"?: Impressions thread

    Does anyone else have Jigsaw Falling Into Place on repeat at the moment? The background vocals are so enchanting; I love the rhythm and warm sound of the track. Really stood out on the album to me from the first day I heard it.
  12. senny-ftw

    What was your second mp3 player

    I scoffed at my friend's 2GB Mini because it had an IBM Microdrive in it - I said I'd wait till they produced a solid state iPod. Unfortunately I caved in about six months before the first Nano, and bought a 4GB Mini. After two years of importing CDs and buying songs from iTunes, I filled my...
  13. senny-ftw

    ipod classic or something else?

    If you can cope with 16GB flash then see what you think of the iPod Touch. I'm really happy with my 160GB Classic - and now my iPod is the same size as my laptop's hard drive
  14. senny-ftw

    Final Upgrade - Sound card suggestion

    Get a used Corda Move. A portable headphone amp that has a USB DAC inside - effectively external sound cards with free amp included!
  15. senny-ftw

    The Voyager: A new portable amp by Graham Slee

    I listened to the Voyager with both Darth Beyer V3s and HD650s at the Manchester meet on Saturday. Appearance and size: Looks better in the flesh than in pictures, but it's a bit big for a portable amp. Build quality: The plastic is more solid than you might expect. I didn't like the...
  16. senny-ftw

    Noise from my Corda Move while walking around

    My issues with the Move after 700+ hours use: - After two weeks the foam on the battery compartment lid could no longer maintain sufficient pressure on the battery. Since then I've used the all-metal backplate but this requires an Allen key for every battery change. Doesn't bother me too much...
  17. senny-ftw

    New to Mac.. Help me get started! :)

    Quote: My issue is that I hate iTunes - always causes problems in my experience. Er - if you hate iTunes, why get a Mac? The whole operating system is like iTunes - in fact, the new Finder in the latest release (Leopard) looks and works pretty much exactly the same!
  18. senny-ftw

    Reasonably Priced Laptop with Optical Out?

    The Move accepts 1/8" analog or USB. Rather than buying a special sound card just to feed an S/PDIF (TOSLINK/coaxial) signal to a DAC, I prefer to choose DACs that support USB. This way, the DAC itself acts as the sound card. This gives you a more direct route, is less hassle and probably...
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    The official "most OVERRATED headphones" thread

    MDR-R10... I just don't get it.
  20. senny-ftw

    October 2007 UK Meet Impressions Thread

    Quote: The difference between an Audigy 2 ZS and a Meridian G08 is pitiful. Cans > Amp >>>>>> Source. While it's clear that my ears hear totally different things to Duggeh's, I was surprised how good a decent pair of headphones could sound on a poor (but suitable e.g. has sufficient...
  21. senny-ftw

    October 2007 UK Meet Impressions Thread

    Er, I saw it in the room very late on...
  22. senny-ftw

    October 2007 UK Meet Impressions Thread

    Quote: I had no idea that the headphone stand, designed and for use with the jecklin floats, had been employed for use with all of those other headphones. Some of them look a little stretched over it, eek. Me neither - but look on the bright side: now we've all got 10 megapixel...
  23. senny-ftw

    October 2007 UK Meet Impressions Thread

    Here's my top 3 headphones from the meet: 1) K-1000 - mainly for the imaging and the strange effect they had on Duggeh 2) Omega 2 - because they're so smooth, pleasant to hear, and have such beautiful treble. 3) HE60 - like a cross between the 650 and Omega 2. Thanks milkpowder for...
  24. senny-ftw

    October 2007 UK Meet Impressions Thread

    The difference between the TakeTs and my iBuds is pitiful... 650 > iBuds >>>>>> TakeT
  25. senny-ftw

    Post pics of your computer rigs here.

    More love for the Mac and HD650 My setup while at uni is also on head-fi here