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  1. sonic_rage

    Koss KSC75's. Dont Forget This Giant Killer in all the ''Hidden Gem'' Hype.

    KSC75 drivers are my go-to also but my portapro2/MAC5 have their uses for music such as electronic/trance. Just a heads up, i managed to order two pairs of KSC75X version for only $14 from drop aka massdrop, with the $20 new customer coupon. i believe the promo ends this weekend. Can never...
  2. sonic_rage

    Koss KSC75's. Dont Forget This Giant Killer in all the ''Hidden Gem'' Hype.

    Been meaning to post this for awhile. Thought some of you Koss fans would be interested in how the early mid to late 2000s KSC75 and early 2000s US-Made KSC-35 and Ford Mac5's looked like.
  3. sonic_rage

    Koss KSC75's. Dont Forget This Giant Killer in all the ''Hidden Gem'' Hype.

    I dont think Koss makes them anymore for Ford. Check fleaBay, plenty of them at 2 for $19.99 free ship in US.
  4. sonic_rage

    Koss KSC75's. Dont Forget This Giant Killer in all the ''Hidden Gem'' Hype.

    Yeah, they sound pretty good, similar to the portapro. They use the 60 ohm driver that doesn't have the layer of titanium, more of a darker sound, more bassy. another bigtime hidden gem are these Ford headphones, they use the same driver as the porta/sportapro and imo are a bit more...
  5. sonic_rage

    Koss KSC75's. Dont Forget This Giant Killer in all the ''Hidden Gem'' Hype.

    Whoa, great job, I think they look awesome. One of these days I'm gonna have to dip my toes into attempting the mmcx mod.
  6. sonic_rage

    cheap mustek portable video player on woot

    just thought someone might find this useful in their search for inexpensive vid players.
  7. sonic_rage

    MB-Quart QP55X or AKG 240S

    I havent heard the k240, but the MB quart qp55x sounds awesome through my 205.2 dac. It's the closest thing to a Grado, but with more fuller bass. Though you'll need sufficient power for decent volume.
  8. sonic_rage

    PX100 Vs Portapro! VOTE NOW!

    portapro is better.
  9. sonic_rage

    A thread for Entech fans

    ah, great to hear. thanks for the clarification.
  10. sonic_rage

    A thread for Entech fans

    anyone know if it's okay to leave these entechs on all day? i have mine connected to my desktop that happens to be on at all times. i always hear the dac click in and out to get the data locked even when someone on my msn list pops up, it works fine, but is this safe? thanks
  11. sonic_rage

    igrado mods

    i use hole modded ksc75 foams on my igrado. i much prefer them to hole modded igrado pads. ksc75 pads are smaller, but you just stretch them a bit to fit over the driver.
  12. sonic_rage

    igrado mods

    you can try hole modded ksc75 foams.
  13. sonic_rage

    Just recieved Entech Number Cruncher 203.2

    aren't they great? im enjoying my 205.2 with a dinky PA2V2 amp. my only peeve is the 'hot' output. i plan to pick up a couple rca attenuators to solve the distortion issue when turning up the volume. for anyone interested here's a link for cheap rca attenuators...
  14. sonic_rage

    Help with Entech 205.2: phase switch detached!

    what does the phase button do? im using a 205.2 and have been enjoying it for the past few days, but it sure does run hot. anyone here rca attenuators with it?
  15. sonic_rage

    MB-Quart QP55X, anyone own these ?

    after using these Quart 55s for a few days im quite impressed with the sound and the quality pads. it's like an extremely comfortable lower end prestige grado headphone and just about leaks the same amount of noise as one too. It would be nice if it was easier to drive. Get one while you...
  16. sonic_rage

    Bang And Olufsen A8 Problem

    how did you manage to use a headphone as a microphone?
  17. sonic_rage

    MB-Quart QP55X, anyone own these ?

    these things sound great, very in your face. they do have a close resemblance to the SR60. i'll keep burning these in. very light and comfy, excellent cable and headphone construction. for 38$ shipped these are hard to beat.
  18. sonic_rage

    Best bang for your buck

    Can't go wrong with a ksc75 paired with a used PA2V2 from the f/s forum for a total of under 50$.
  19. sonic_rage

    ibasso t2 update and pre-order info

    thekid22, how much did you pay for your preorder?
  20. sonic_rage

    igrado mods

    im using hole modded ksc75 pads on my igrados along with the foam removal. it really opens them up, great grado sound on the go.
  21. sonic_rage

    MB-Quart QP55X, anyone own these ?

    great to hear. How does it compare with the SR60? I actually ordered and got a pair lying at home, but i wont be there till another week or so.
  22. sonic_rage

    Grado SR-60's vs. Sennheiser HD-424's

    SR60 is your best bet in terms of sound quality. DT231 sound pretty good too with proper amping and probably the most comfortable out of your list of phones.
  23. sonic_rage

    Are High-End Headphones Addictive?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Coltrane Is 7-Up? Headphones aren't a drug. Have you ever etc... LOL "yeah, Ive seen him! this man!!"