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  1. hiccamer

    Deaf in one ear, please advise?

    right on about the er4b, is there a way to wire them so that both Left and Right would play in the Right canal? i just want to see if there is a way we can "round out" his listening experience... thanx
  2. hiccamer

    Deaf in one ear, please advise?

    well given that recordings are in stereo, he would like to hear both the left and right tracks into his right ear... does that sum up the problem?
  3. hiccamer

    Deaf in one ear, please advise?

    Ladies and Gentlemen, A very good friend of mine, who happens to be a rather talented musician, is deaf in his left ear. He has asked me to help create a single sided rig with mid-fi to hi-fi quality sound. Listening interests of his include the Talking Heads to Muse, and some more classic...
  4. hiccamer

    How's this for karma?

    x2 rycet I doubt he even shows, but you will get the judgment against him in that case... Get the ol' sheriff to collect for ya, d
  5. hiccamer

    How old are you?

    late-twenty's; hasn't stopped me from listening...
  6. hiccamer

    Penguin amp re-box

    sorry for the second post... here's a link: - Pre-Drilled Tin
  7. hiccamer

    Penguin amp re-box

    Robert will replace the box at cost of the tin if you send it back to him. Alternatively he offers pre-drilled penguin replacement cases on his website. It is not hard to switch out the cases, and it is certainly a cheaper option than hammond. later, dbd
  8. hiccamer

    Pengiune Caffeine (or pa2v2)..To amp or not to amp

    I really like the penguin amps and have found it to be a very nice improvement over the stock amplification in my ipods. While I originally got it to power a pair of high impedance headphones I was trying, I quickly found that I was using it to power my MS-1's (32ohms) and my DT770 pro 80 ohm. I...
  9. hiccamer

    Grado sr60/80/MS1 vs px100?

    better change indeed rock the ms-1
  10. hiccamer

    80GB+ FLAC player?

    I have used Rockbox on both my 5.5g iPod 80gb and Nano. I find it much more pleasant on the flash based 1g nano, but still agree that the benefits outweigh any issues.
  11. hiccamer

    I need a new backpack! any suggestions?!?!

    TIMBUK2 last you forever, and if not they'll send you another no problem... been running around with one for almost ten years (know i had it by '99; but can't remember when I got it) in nyc.
  12. hiccamer

    Rock Box for 5.5g ipod Question

    Thanx Febs, I do have the actual Albums/EP's as applicable (in most cases); i just did not want to have to convert them all again...
  13. hiccamer

    caffeine ultra v. ibasso t1

    looking for my first portable amp. think i like these two mostly for price. will be listening with ms-1's or dt770 pro/80s. any advice would be great or another recco for an inexpensive portable amp that would be a step up from the nano's headphone jack. thanx in advance...
  14. hiccamer

    What Headphones Are You Using Right Now?

    DT770 Pro/80 (from apple lossless)
  15. hiccamer

    Headphone Buyer's Guide

    Don't leave out the Alessandro series... I definitely prefer the MS-1 to the lower level Grado's
  16. hiccamer

    a little help, no pun intended, with some IEM's

    what else might you recommend I consider? I really never listen to IEM's so any pointed responses would be great. thanx
  17. hiccamer

    a little help, no pun intended, with some IEM's

    thanx much, i've noticed people talking about those in some other threads; i guess if i want to stay cheap thats the way to go... thanx
  18. hiccamer

    a little help, no pun intended, with some IEM's

    Hey all, i could use a little bit of help. I am looking for a reasonably priced entry level set of IEM's for my girl. I do not listen to IEM's, personal pref., but she does not want to carry around a set of full sized cans with her ipod, and for other uses there is always my collection. I do...
  19. hiccamer

    Headphone reccommendation please

    just to throw this one in the ring... as far as closed headphones, i am a dt770pro/80 fan. but the a900's are nice too, not as bassy as the beyers
  20. hiccamer

    Recommendations for Best headphones on the market (new and old)

    ag8796, I somewhat agree with espire, however, if you are looking for open headphones consider the MS-1, I think they are the best 100 phone around (caveat: I do not use headphones for movies that often, and am not a gamer, but for music they are GREAT). Furthermore, in your price range consider...
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