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  1. robm321

    Shure SRH-940 vs Beyer DT1350

    Just wondering how you guys think they compare or which you prefer, sound wise.
  2. robm321

    Does iPhone EQ Work for Streaming Music

    Just wondering
  3. robm321

    JH3A vs LCD-2

    If you had to pick just one...
  4. robm321

    Wonder how amp would do with K-1000s

    This looks like a perfect match...but who knows - small footprint too
  5. robm321

    Itunes simple question

    I have put many CDs (lossless) into itunes, but lately when I put them in. They list one song at a time - each under the same CD instead of the CD with song listings
  6. robm321

    Xin Supermini with Shure E500 Question

    I just got the Shure E500s and have a Xin Supermini III portable amp. My problem is that I don't want to use the attenuator that come with the Shure e500s. But when I turn the volume up on the Xin amp the left ear volume initially is louder than the right channel volume up to a point...after...
  7. robm321

    What are the odds...

    That the front page of Stereophile would have a big fat headphone pic.
  8. robm321

    Do the Senn 580/600/650 suck with Melos?

    I've heard my Senn HD600/Cardas with the modded SHA-1 breifly and never really tried them again. I went to my Grados and don't remember too much about how the Senns sounded. I haven't read much about Senns and Melos (since Grado is what they synergize with). Anyone enjoy this combo?
  9. robm321

    I’m officially a Shostakovich Fan

    This past Valentine ’s Day my girlfriend took me to the San Francisco symphony where they played a variety of different pieces from old to new Feb 14th I’ve heard his music over the years but never really made an attempt to connect until I got the SACD of his 7th symphony SACD From the first...
  10. robm321

    What's the best sounding format...

    That I can play on this: I know MP3 and WMA (is WMA better?), but anything else? (by the way - how do I create a title instead of a big long link here?)
  11. robm321

    Stax Lambda Pro - should I?

    I had an offer from a local guy (and it's not on audiogon, ebay, headfi, so stop looking ) for a Stax Lambda Pro (with back up set of pads). You can see what I have in my signature. Is this worth it? Around $400 - I know almost nothing about stax except I know the electrostat sound (which...
  12. robm321

    PS-1 ~ GS-1000 ~ RS-1 what ya think?

    I am curious about the PS-1. I've heard good things about it, but usually from people that don't own the GS-1000 or RS-1 which is usually not the best comparison. I'd rather hear from people that have lived with both to avoid any favoratism. I'm looking for an objective observation this time...
  13. robm321

    Senn 600/Cardas or AKG 701?

    I have been trying to avoid the 701 banwagon but have had people with my same tastes vouche for them. I have the K1000s and love the sound (if that's AKG sound I like it... a lot). I also have the Grado RS-1, and Senn 600/Cardas. My RS-1 and K1000 will remain no matter what - they have a...
  14. robm321

    Why no one has gotten pads right for RS-1?

    The flats are bass heavy and lacking in treble The bowls are Treble heavy and lacking bass? (a little) but too bright (or agressive for those that won't admit that it's bright). The HD414 is just strange sounding and unfocused. Yet they draw me into them (i wear flats but miss what bowls...
  15. robm321

    K1000 4 Ohm or 8 Ohm

    Hello All, I know this has been discussed, but after going through most of the threads, I was left more confused. I have ASL AQ1001DT used in tride with AKG K1000 (30WPC). I've tried the 8 ohm tap and it has better transient response and detail, but the 4 ohm seems to sound softer and...