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  1. Zhanming057

    Comment by 'Zhanming057' on listing 'SP1000 + AMP steel w/ extras'

    Sorry, looking to sell as a bundle right now.
  2. SP1000 + AMP steel w/ extras

    Selling my SP1000 + AMP Steel. I am the first owner of both, original purchase in 2018/2019. The cosmetic condition is pretty good except the top steel section which has picked up some scratches (see picture). The screen has always had a glass screen protector on. I no long have the original...
  3. Meze Liric Like New w/ extras

    Selling a pair of like new Meze Lirics. I bought them late last year and have only used them a handful of times. They're really good cans - arguably the best closed-backs on the market. I got them to use in the office, and we ended up being fully WFH so there's not much reason to keep these...
  4. Zhanming057

    Feedback by 'Zhanming057' on listing 'Chord TT2'

    Bought this from jaboki - excellent sale experience all around. Highly recommended.
  5. Zhanming057

    Comment by 'Zhanming057' on listing 'Labkable Pandora mmcx-2.5mm'

    Creators silver 4 sold, Labkable still available. Victor
  6. Zhanming057

    Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

    I'm trying to find a battery pack for the TT2 as a "outdoor lounge" solution. Will this Omni charger work? It says that it can do 12v or 16v DC out at 3.5a. I know Rob uses a different battery but I like that this one has a...
  7. FS: Campfire Solaris Special Edition SE

    This is the special edition with the abalone faceplates. Cosmetically I would rate them 9.5/10, the faceplates are in great condition and there are no visible chips/scruffs. They don't come with the original CA cable but they do come with the original box, tips, carrying case, pouch, a 10-wire...
  8. Labkable Pandora mmcx-2.5mm

    Selling two TOTL IEM cables: - Labkable Pandora mmcx to 2.5mm TRRS. Got this in a trade but I don't really have any need for another MMCX cable at this point. Comes with original carbon carrying case. 10 wire hybrid design and easily one of the best on the market - $100 or best offer. - SOLD...
  9. Zhanming057

    Sharing my friend's poor experience with Woo Audio's customer service

    Nonsense. You don't get to give a non response and blame the customer for being upset.
  10. Zhanming057

    Sharing my friend's poor experience with Woo Audio's customer service

    I know the Woo guys too. That's why I'm upset that they decided to ghost a customer. On the one hand, John could have used something like "Disappointing customer experience with Woo". On the other hand, nothing incendiary about pointing out that a company which denies facts, gives misleading...
  11. Zhanming057

    The FitEar CIEM Impressions Thread

    Check out Creators which is based in Hong Kong.
  12. Zhanming057

    Watches - another passion of ours, it your pics!

    I've tried it on and it's one of those watches that looks better in pictures. The materials might be high tech but they end up pretty cheap feeling. When I went to the AD they just got one in, and the 3-4 guys there couldn't figure out how to start the watch and had to watch a Youtube video...
  13. Zhanming057

    flinkenick's 17 Flagship IEM Shootout Thread (and general high-end portable audio discussion)

    Agreed. I've found that IEMs with switches are rarely coherent across all of their settings. Just put the best profile forward and if people don't like it, they can always get something else. Thanks! The internals are the same as the Fitear Air2 and soundwise there's just tuning difference...
  14. Zhanming057

    The FitEar CIEM Impressions Thread

    About as good as my other Fitear CIEMs. The density probably makes up for the short insertion depth. They are extremely heavy though, I have large ears and they feel at least 2-3x heavier than normal CIEMs. Really loving the look, there's a sculpture like quality to how they play with light.
  15. Zhanming057

    The FitEar CIEM Impressions Thread

    Just got these in, I think that they are going to be my endgame for a long while :)
  16. Zhanming057

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    Have you tried flexing the metal headband outward to better fit your profile? Alternatively, you can always make your own leather headband with more material, it's a simple job, just get a strip and punch some holes in for the mounts.
  17. Zhanming057

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    You need a stronger/better speaker amp. The K1000 is a lot more forgiving but the SR1a need a good amp or otherwise you're just hearing the flaws of the amp. Regarding the Mysphere, I can't hear bass distortions unless I crank the volume up to levels I would never listen at. I guess someone...
  18. Zhanming057

    Raal Ribbon Headphones - SRH1A

    1) You need 150w into 6 ohms with the original adaptor box to reach 111db spl at 33hz. Practically, you don't want to be listening to music at 110db for anything longer than a minute, so if your evaluation volume is lower than 110db, you can cut back on wattage accordingly. I still consider...