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  1. Happy Camper

    Binge watching favorites.

    This month I went through The Ranch, Ozarks and caught up with 1883. Will start Yellowstone next week. Last month I went through Mayans, Vikings and Shameless. For us late arrival types, what are some good series to check out.
  2. Happy Camper

    New McCartney Long Tailed Winter Bird

  3. Happy Camper

    Xin Feng amp owners?

    In the day, they were the standard for Ety in ears. I have a Macro IV that needs a bit of love to come alive again but do any of you still have and use these amps?
  4. Happy Camper

    2015 NHL playoffs are here.

    Good luck to your team and let the real season begin.
  5. Happy Camper

    Do our esteemed science contributors have published articles on the topic of "Sound Science"?

    We often times get tied up in discussions about science and the efforts to understand our hobby. Often it comes down to opinion and links to sometimes dubious articles that provide a person's opinion. Do we have members that work in the audio industry that have published papers on topics we...
  6. Happy Camper

    Meets. How to....

    There are many members who've not had the opportunity to go to a meet because of distance, cost, etc. We have mini meets often but the big meets are usually in the big cities. I'd like to open a discussion on how to organize a meet so that more people can share the fun and education of our...
  7. Happy Camper

    HE-6 owners, what single mod. has brought the biggest improvement

    As asked, for those of you who have modified your HE-6, what one mod. has the biggest impact in sound quality? I have heard a new cable or hard wired but have not done it to mine. I have done the grill and felt mods and earpads.(still waiting to get Audeze Micro). I think the grill mod has had...
  8. Happy Camper

    To the Head FI community......have a blessed and safe celebration.

    Happy holiday and a blessed celebration to your spirit. I ask for your success and health through the holidays and a prosperous new year. Share the spirit. Happy listening! d-_-b
  9. Happy Camper

    Did A & E blow it or are they playing the passions for ratings in canning Phil Robertson?

    I think this was a coy move by them to stir the ratings. Or did they lose their top rated show? Duck Dynasty sure has a following. I personally don't get the show but there are a lot that do.
  10. Happy Camper

    Fleetwood Mac cancels Aussie and Kiwi dates.
  11. Happy Camper

    RIP Lou Reed
  12. Happy Camper

    Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean. Just found this and am searching for any supporting links.

    I've seen it listed that there is a single tablet of Hermes. I've seen it listed under Thoth the Egyptian. But this is of Thoth the Atlantean and there are many tablets. Is there any evidence of their existence and can anyone shed any experience of study...
  13. Happy Camper

    A scientific explanation please. Transformer wire killing aftermarket ICs.

    I've read comments in threads of using transformer wire that sounded much better than the larger gauged wire for ICs. Is there an explanation as to why?
  14. Happy Camper

    Happy Mother's Day 2013

    To all our members that are mothers to children, husbands, someone else's children (boy/girl friends), have a wonderful day. Women are the mothers to the world.
  15. Happy Camper

    Stereo and the soundstage.

    I thought I'd link a good read about something we desire but don't know how to identify without listening. If you can add to this topic, please do. I've heard some pretty good amps with a non-existent soundstage and some that sounded magical without knowing why. The search continues...
  16. Happy Camper

    RIP Richie Havens.

    His song "Freedom" was a clarion song of my youth. Thank you Mr. Havens.
  17. Happy Camper

    Digital hub DAC with ADC and headphone amp. Lynx Hilo.
  18. Happy Camper

    RIP Stan Musual and Earl Weaver.

    I grew up a Cardinal fan and Stan was who my mom rooted for. He was and will always be Cardinals baseball. Thank you Lord for giving me a chance to see a true gentleman.
  19. Happy Camper

    NHL Hockey 2013

    Sure is a junkie rush to have hockey again. How does your team look going into the sprint for playoff positions?
  20. Happy Camper

    2012 Americana Honors & Awards

    just caught this show and was admiring the new bands Alabama Shakes, Carolina Chocolate Drops, Justin Earle, etc. I've not heard them before and I like their sound and the spirit of keeping the roots of Americana music alive. Always a good show with Bonnie Raitt and John Hiatt.
  21. Happy Camper

    Anedio D2 or AN 3.1 sig.

    I am about to make a purchase and both my choices are available. One is on Agon and the other is released in Feb. Any experienced comments would be appreciated. Well, no comments and I since chose another direction. AN was too antique and the D2 too digital sounding. I chose a Lynx Hilo. Full...
  22. Happy Camper

    Is the internet about to be censored?

    Next week the UN decides on the ability to let all countries have control within their borders. Taxes are the least of our concerns. Flow of information is dangerous. All the unrest is making it impossible to manipulate when the truth can't be...
  23. Happy Camper

    To my fellow Veterans, thank you.

    To all that are or have performed for their country throughout the world, thank you. I'm hoping it will be an obsolete career path one day soon and you can sleep with your loved ones.
  24. Happy Camper

    Etymotics sound with a bit more bass? Prefer not to use a portable amp to do it.

    My beloved ER4s died and I'm in search mode. I loved the clean details and the isolation in noisy work environments the 4s gave. I used a Xin Macro 4 with bass boost and got outstanding performance for the cost of the etys. So in the $300 range, suggestions to consider that would let me remove...
  25. Happy Camper

    Anybody else having NHL withdrawls?

    Man I'm missing hockey. I was watching a Quebec minor game and it was like watching a kid's game (which it was) and longing for the big game. Oh what are you doing to yourself NHL?