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  1. ubs28

    Anyone else getting tired seeing so many different Focal Utopia threads?

    The amount of Focal Utopia threads is too damn high.
  2. ubs28

    Apple AirPods Max vs B&O H95 or Sony WH-1000XM5

    I never really liked the comfort of the Apple AirPods Max, so I am thinking of buying the B&O H95 instead. However, some people on an other forum said that the H95 sounds barely any better than the Sony WH-1000X4. If this true, then I might instead replace the Apple AirPods Max with the Sony...
  3. ubs28

    Most expensive headphone

    $108.000 Airpods Max. Why is it so expensive? Because it sounds so good!
  4. ubs28

    Bluetooth sound quality

    My iPhone X and iPad Pro 12.9 sound the same with Wireless headphones. But my older iPhone 6S plus sound significantly worse. How is this possible? :p Is it maybe due to bad isolation of the electronics which bleeds into the signal perhaps?
  5. ubs28

    [Poll] Shure SE846: Which filter do you currently use?

    I'm curious what the distribution looks like regarding the filters being used with the Shure SE846, hence this poll. Multiple answers can be selected if you tend to swap periodically between filters.
  6. ubs28

    AK240 vs iPhone 5S

    How much better does the AK240 sound relative to the iPhone 5S?   I'm currently using the iPhone 5S with the Shure SE846. If there is a big enough difference in sound quality, I might consider buying the AK240. 
  7. ubs28

    Shure SE846 as end game "headphone"?

    How are the Shure SE846 as an end-game audio device? Or do I need an AKG K812, LCD-3 or HD-800?
  8. ubs28

    Question about tips and earhole damage

    I'm currently using the Shure SE535 with the black Olive tip. The medium black olive tip now fits my ear perfectly while it was a little too big at first.    Can tips make your earholes bigger?  
  9. ubs28

    How much difference is there between $500 headphones and $2000 headphones.

    In the $500-$700 bracket we have the: - Shure SRH 1840 - HE-500 - Sennheiser 6xx series   How much worse do these headphone sound in comparison to headphones in the $2000 range like the: - Sennheiser HD-800 - LCD-3 - AKG K812   Without taking into account the costs of the amplifiers...
  10. ubs28

    iPhone 5S case + non-Apple IEM

    The holes of the standard Apple leather cases are too small for my Shure SE535. So I can only use my Shure SE535 naked with the iPhone 5S.   Has anyone found a solution with their IEM + iPhone 5S + case?
  11. ubs28

    What headphone is best for watching movies?

    It must be: - easy to drive (so no Sennheiser HD800) - comfortable - good build quality - great soundstage - great imaging - not fatiguing. 
  12. ubs28

    BA headphones

    Considering that BA IEM are beating Dynamic IEM, which BA headphones are out there that are good? And how good are they in comparison to planar and electrostatic?    The Shure SE535 beats a top of the line Sennheiser HD800 in terms of square wave tests and %THD measurements, so the BA...
  13. ubs28

    Best headphone / Earphone for iPhone 5S

    For portable earphones / headphones I have: - B&W P5 - Shure SE535 - Shure SE215   What should I buy? And would they lead to a major improvement? About 100% of the time, I'm using the Shure SE535 currently.
  14. ubs28

    Closed headphones vs IEM?

    Are IEM better than closed headphones for portable music for the same price? (If we take a B&W P7 against a Shure SE535 / Westone 4R for example which are both mobile headphones / earphones around the same price)
  15. ubs28

    3D headphones?

    I recently saw many 3D headphones in computer shops. Do they got superiour soundstage and imaging in comparison to other headphones?
  16. ubs28

    Shure IEM black default tips

    I have a question regarding those soft black tips that come with IEM like the Shure SE535. Due to wear, is it possible that small pieces can break off and end up in your earcannel? 
  17. ubs28

    Apogee One + Shure SRH 1840

    Since the Shure SRH 1840 are easy to drive, would an Apogee One be sufficient?    If not, would the Apogee Duet be sufficient then? (since people also use the Apogee Duet to drive the much harder HD 650)   Does the Fiio E7 drive a Shure SRH 1840 good also?
  18. ubs28

    Shure SE535 vs Shure SRH1840

    How much better are the Shure SRH1840 in comparison to the Shure SE535?   Based on some frequency plots, the Shure SRH1840 is more neutral / flat and has better treble extension. However, the Shure SRH1840 seems to have recessed bass based on these frequency plots?   So am I correct by...
  19. ubs28

    What headphones to buy

    I want a pair of headphones that: - blow away the Shure SE535  - amazing soundstage - amazing details in the bass, mid and highs - not difficult to drive.  - very comfortable to wear. - Excellent quality bass ( clean, tight and responsive bass. I'm not looking for bass monsters though ) -...
  20. ubs28

    Should I go custom?

    The problems I had with the Shure SE215, the bass was too strong imo. I was hearing more bass than the rest of the music sometimes.The Shure SE535 fixed all those problems, it's got a nice balanced bass, much better details and soundstage. I think this is a great improvement and I'm happy about...
  21. ubs28

    Shure SE 535 VS B&W P5

    I have the B&W P5, but I'm thinking about switching to earbuds as it draws too much attention at work. I bought the Shure SE215 and I'm impressed with these earbuds. Obviously they are horrible in comparison to my B&W P5 which is expected due to the price difference.   How do the Shure SE535...