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  1. mrconfuse

    64 Audio U12T vs Sony IER-7 how far apart are they sonically?

    A little history, I've been searching for the one IEM that I can settle on. And it's been a heck of a journey, every IEM I've tried either had fit issues or something about the sound that just bugged me. I don't know what the kind of "signature/tuning" that I like in an IEM (more like i can't...
  2. mrconfuse

    Replaygain on Astell and Kern player

    Since the replaygain is applied on the playlist. if you add a new song to the playlist (after replaygain was set already) do you have to rerun replaygain again on the whole playlist? or do you just apply replaygain on the one song that you just added?
  3. mrconfuse

    Replay Gain on digital players, how do they work?

    Some players like (Astell & Kern) have replay gain built into the player. Do you still need to have your files tagged for replay gain to have an effect? I know on a computer the replaygain is ignored unless the file itself has been tag with replay gain I notice that Cowon has this called A.I...
  4. mrconfuse

    Is the FiiO M11 Plus LTD better or equal to the AK Kann Alpha in SQ?

    As the title states, is the Fiio M11 plus LTD as good as the Kann Alpha or is the Kann alpha better in the terms of SQ? Would any consider Fiio M11 as a mid tier or above based on SQ?
  5. mrconfuse

    Dap and Dac, is this normal?

    I recently got the Lotoo Paw S1 and was testing it out. First I tried my cell phone with UAPP and it sounded very nice but the form factor (big phone) wasn't very to convenient. Next I decided to try using the Hiby R3 Pro with it (I did switched the audio out on the HIBY to Dock mode). All...
  6. mrconfuse

    How much of a jump in sound quality am i getting?

    not to long ago I posted asking for advice for a new IEM, my budget was up to 1K. Anyway, after going through may reviews online (outside of forum). I brought the Tin HiFI P1, I have this thing for planar and the Tin HiFi intrigued me. I would have gotten the RHA CL2 but reviews for there seemed...
  7. mrconfuse

    Lookign for recommendation for IEM

    I'm looking for something that's less than $1000 with the following properties Highs, lows and bass - does not bleed into each other Highs, lows and bass - where everything is balanced and no one part trying to over take another part. Highs are not sibilant/fatiguing but present Mids are not...
  8. mrconfuse

    Looking for advice on IEM or Source

    I was using the Kanas pro until my left ear started to hurt (the right is fine). It's not the ear drums it's the out part where the IEM sits. Not sure if it's the weight or what but other IEM that I've tried seem okay so i m guessing it's the Kanas pro. It has gotten to the point where I can't...
  9. mrconfuse

    Is the Shanling M0 the best option?

    I was using my ipod touch as a transport with some of my portable DAC's but sadly the touch is dead. I'm looking to replace it but most of the devices that can be used as a transport with a Dac are actually players themselves. After looking around it seems my only choice is the Shanling M0, Now...
  10. mrconfuse

    What is the upgrade to the final audio E2000?

    For the longest time I have been searching for a pair of IEM's that sounded right/good to me. Went through Shure 535, 425, 215, Westone 4, Westone Umpro 30, Westone umx3, hifi man songbird RE600 and a bunch of other IEMs. There was always something that didn't sit right with me regarding how...
  11. mrconfuse

    Question about eqing on a dap

    I posted something similar in another section but no one has responded. Maybe I was in the wrong section. Anyway the question that i have is this. I have a dap that I feel is putting to much emphasis onto the drums. I like to use the eq to tone down some of the emphasis but I'm not sure what...
  12. mrconfuse

    Which option is the better option in terms of sound quality?

    I am looking to upgrade my portable setup. I want something that I can use at home, at work, and in bed. I am using Westone UM PRO 30 in the order of importance sound quality Physical controls portability $100 - $400 UI So I am debating whether i should go for a standalone player or use my...
  13. mrconfuse

    volume in OS vs volume in Tidal

    When playing music from Tidal on a computer, should the volume in the TIdal app be maxed out and then use the main OS volume to control how loud/low the volume goes? I'm on a mac and the volume meter in the Tidal app is completely independent of the volume control on the main OS.
  14. mrconfuse

    OPPO HA-2SE or IBasso DX90?

    I can buy one right now, which has better sound quality?
  15. mrconfuse

    Sound Volume in Applications vs main system volume

    For programs like tidal on a PC/Mac would you up the volume in Tidal to max and then control the over all volume via the OS volume control? On the MAC the tidal volume is independent of the main Volume, so maxing Tidal volume doesn't max the overall main system volume.
  16. mrconfuse

    What is the correct way to deal with Volume in applications like Tidal?

    I'm on a Mac and tidal has it's own volume control that's independent of the main OS. Should I up the volume on the Tidal app and then control volume loudness via OS volume controls? 
  17. mrconfuse

    Is it worth it to upgrade my Westone UM PRO 10

    The IBasso IT03 looks interesting to me and i am thinking about getting those. Is it worth the upgrade? Will I hear much of a difference between the UM PRO 10 and the IBASSO? 
  18. mrconfuse

    New Headphone, player, or amp/dac

    Currently I have a Westone Umpro 10, a Ibasso D-zero mark 2 and my iphone . I can do 1 upgrade at this time. I nailed it down to the following items that i may want but now sure which is the best one to get at this time.    Replace the iphone with IBASSO DX50   Replace the Westone Umpro 10...
  19. mrconfuse

    Question about FIIO A1 and E6

    I can't find any information on this and I'm hoping someone else who has both can clarify this.   The A1 when in the 3rd bass mode (from what I understand) functions as a low gain setting where it actually attenuates/reduces volume, drops the signal down by -5 dB.   The E6 in mode 3 of the...
  20. mrconfuse

    simple impedance question

    Etymotic sells the ER4S and the ER4P-T, the ER4S is 100 OHM while the ER4P-T is only 27OHM but it includes a P to S cable which is supposed to make the ER4P-T behave like the ER4S. Below is the exact wording from Etymotic in regards to the cable     Here's the problem, some in the forum...
  21. mrconfuse

    AMP advice please

    I have a DAP that has a high OHM for the headphone out and my current IEM (25 OHM) don't work well with them. I've been looking at adding an amp to correct the impedance problem. And adding a DAP does help but it introduces another issue, loudness. It goes from no sound, soft, sorta loud and...
  22. mrconfuse

    What would you do in this situation?

    So I own the AK100 (one with the 22 ohm impedance), I didn't check the specs before buying, if I did I won't have gotten it. Right now I'm using the Shure 425 and i don't find it to be a good fit. I'm not a bass head or anything but when drums are being played I should hear the thud! of the...
  23. mrconfuse

    need clarification on amps

    a little confused, do amps add coloration/change sound signature or not? Some reviews say that amp does not/should not add any coloration. Things like treble, mids, bass and etc should not be affected. Then there are reviews (i swear i see) that say how the treble, sound stage and etc are...
  24. mrconfuse

    Should I get a new DAC or get a new IEM?

    I own the Ak100 and I use it with the Shure 425. I don't particularly like the sound that the pairing produces. And I ended up using my phone (note 4) for a while with the 425 but i want more. So I started looking at external Dac/amps (priced between $200 - $300) but it occurred to me that for a...
  25. mrconfuse

    AK100 equalizer setting help or any eq help please

    I'm using the AK100 with the Shure 425, for most part I like how it sounds but i find that it doesn't have that umph (like it's missing a sub/some meat) I've been trying to get the sub bass/bass up a little on the AK100 but I can't figure it out. It all turns out sounding wrong. I like the way...