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  1. Flisker

    Audeze LCD-3F, Aftermarket Cables, Tubes & Communication with Aliens

    Hey guys,     this may a be a little different post than most of others, because of my poor writing skills (never actually tried to write post like this) and use of drugs, which is still probably bit controversial topic. But I feel like my experiments and ideas may be of some use to others so...
  2. Flisker

    Audeze LCD2.2 - How to Clean Pads ?

    Hello guys,   I would like to ask how do you clean your LCD2's ? Is it possible to do without taking pads off (which seems like horror story) ? Any recommendations would be awesome.   Thanks a lot.
  3. Flisker

    Windows and Foobar Settings Question ?

    Hi, guys   I'am thinking already few weeks if settings I'am using are best/optimal :)   Here it is :       Is it ok ? Or should I change something ?  Is 96000Hz ok or should I set it less when I listen to lower quality or DAC can switch depending on quality played ? Tbh I have...
  4. Flisker

    EU Power Supply for Schiit Magni ?

    Hi guys,   I ordered Schiit Magni from US thinking that get EU 16V AC power suplly should be no problem at all, but yesterday I was thinking I'll go get it so it's rdy when shipment arrives and in two electronic shops I got reactions like "16V AC ??? no, no ... sorry .. we don't have such a...
  5. Flisker

    AMP/DAC for audio newbie with HE-400/HD650/K701

    Hey head-fiers,   I would love to ask some ppl with experience what DAC/AMP combo with decent  "price/performance" would you recommend to my headphones.   What I am looking for is :   - DAC/AMP mainly for HE-400/HD650 , K701 isn't priority.   - Good "price/performance" - by this I...
  6. Flisker

    "Slight Short Volume Decrease" after Parametric EQ use

    Hi Head-Fiers,   About week ago I found here on forums great thread about parametric EQ and of course I gave it a try. Result was great for me, I could bring out more treble which I liked in most of music and overall both my headphones (HD650 and AKG701) sounded better to me.   But ...
  7. Flisker

    Guitar Sound - AKG K701

    Hi head-fier's,   I wanted to ask someone experienced, if it's ok that guitars doesn't sound "that" good and clean as everything else on AKG K701.   I mean, for example Celine Dion - Titanic or music from Enya, Beatles etc sound really great, every instrument is separated, but when it...
  8. Flisker

    AKG K701 + Asus D2X + FiiO E11

    Hello Head-Fiers   I got my first "better" headphones - AKG K701 about week ago and I liked them. But I read somewhere that they doesn't sound good without amp and dac, something like "don't even bother listening to these without good amp they will provide maybe 30% of normal quality".  ...
  9. Flisker

    High-End Headphones for Everything Movies/Games/Music

    Hi,   I am absolutely new here on forum and also new to "high quality headphones" .   I am looking few days for some High-End headphones for my PC usually for Music(Nearly everything from Taylor Swift to Marilyn Manson except Hip-Hop)/Movies/Games (in this order) and I have absolutely no...