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  1. KickAssChewGum

    Reply to review by 'KickAssChewGum' on item 'Empire Ears Legend EVO'

    Awesome review @gLer! What’s the cable in the last photo?
  2. KickAssChewGum

    Review by 'KickAssChewGum' on item 'Softears RSV'

    Huge thanks to the incredibly lovely team at @Softears for sending me the RSV free of charge in exchange for my honest opinion. When I recently reviewed the @Softears Cerberus, I expressed an interest in hearing more of the brand’s products. Thanks to the lovely folks at @Softears, I didn’t...
  3. KickAssChewGum

    Review by 'KickAssChewGum' on item 'Penon Storm'

    As is probably clear from my Head-Fi signature, I’m a bit of a cable freak and a huge fan of many of @Penon's recent products, including their excellent Totem and OSG cables. So, when they announced their new TOTL flagship cable, the Storm, I was particularly excited and reached out to @Penon to...
  4. Penon Storm

    Penon Storm

    PENON Storm TOTL flagship IEM cable Gold, silver, copper, palladium mixed 4 shares, 199 cores per share Type-6 Litz configuration Gold-plated copper plug Gold-plated copper + carbon fiber plug accessories
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    Reply to review by 'KickAssChewGum' on item 'Penon Volt EST'

    Fantastic review!