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  1. Sma0815

    Cayin N3Pro DAP: Dual AK4493 and MQA with Vacuum Tube

    I didn't try any other mobile dac/amp or daps on this price level. Have an ifi xcan, also nice but less power and not on the sound level of the ifi signature. Maybe the mojo 2 is worth a try , but didn't hear this one yet. And there also more expensive DAPs, but I also don't tried any of this...
  2. Sma0815

    Cayin N3Pro DAP: Dual AK4493 and MQA with Vacuum Tube

    In my opinion the ifi signature is way better in every aspect. Much larger soundstage, better bass, more power, etc. Sold my n3 after some time and stayed with the ifi. Pro of the n3 is its smaller size and portability if you want to put it in a jacket.
  3. Sma0815

    Feedback by 'Sma0815' on listing 'Hifiman HE-6 6 screw'

    Perfect buyer. Fast money transfer and patient with the shipping delay due to covid.
  4. Sma0815

    Feedback by 'Sma0815' on listing 'F/S ESX900 Ebony wood'

    Everything perfect. Nice communication and he was really good in finding the best option for shipping to europe. Headphone arrived 3 days later.
  5. IC: PS audio P300 230v->115v

    Hello headfiers, I'm thinking about to sell my converter / power conditioner from PS Audio. It's the P300 so it's feasible for headphone amplifiers and dacs. I used it with my schiit yggdrasil & sparkos labs aries to use US products in Germany (230v down to 115/110v for the amp/dac) About...
  6. Sma0815

    Comment by 'Sma0815' on listing 'Hifiman HE-6 6 screw'

    PD. Also open for offers if not all accessories are needed.
  7. Hifiman HE-6 6 screw

    Hello headfiers, I'm selling my HE-6 6 screw with additional extras. Good Condition but some small marks on the cups. Detail pictures attached. Comparing the newer versions its definitely the best, like Andrew from stated: The Set contains: -HE-6 6 screw (bought 2014 at SG...
  8. Sma0815

    Introducing the Audeze LCD-R!

    #45 here :)
  9. Sma0815

    Comment by 'Sma0815' on listing 'ZMF Aelous'

    Bump for @carboncopy Super nice and trustworthy guy, also in real life
  10. Ifi micro signature

    Hello, I'm selling my ifi micro signature. 2nd owner, originally bought in October 2020, so still with warranty. Additional comes a USB c cable for using it with a smartphone. Comes with original blue cable and the USB adapter which were included originally.
  11. Sma0815

    Feedback by 'Sma0815' on listing 'Ifi zen can'

    Everything prefect. Nice communication and flawless product. Thx
  12. Sma0815

    Germany head-fi meet

    Hi, I think with the current corona situation a meeting this year will be difficult. Probably next year is better, hopefully. I don't have high end iems or daps. I also moved to Munich so maybe we can organize something in January. Best regards Sma0815
  13. Ifi itube 2

    Hello, I'm looking for a ifi itube 2. If you have one for sell please let me know via PM. Best regards Sma0815
  14. Schiit Loki or lokius

    Hello, Im looking for a schiit Loki or lokius to buy in Europe. Preferably in black, but silver is also OK. If you have one for sell d send me a Pm. Best regards Sma0815
  15. Sma0815

    Bass Boost Sound Colouration [DAC vs AMP]

    Go for it, xbass as an additional eq box would be awesome. Best would be 2-3 levels of xbass to select and just analog processing
  16. Sma0815

    Bass Boost Sound Colouration [DAC vs AMP]

    Back to life with this thread. @iFi audio is there any option to use the xbass feature just on the analog level? My chain is already nice, but just missing the xbass /true bass. Maybe an older ifi micro black label with analog input? Or will the signal be processed digital anyway? Or ifi should...
  17. Sma0815

    Feedback by 'Sma0815' on listing 'schiit yggdrasil'

    Everything Perfect. He even organized the import to EU. Thanks a lot for the extra effort. Can recommend 100%
  18. PS audio P300 /P600 or similar Transformator

    Hello fellow headfiers, I'm looking for a PS Audio P300 or P600, or something similar to convert 230V to 115V. Best regards Sma0815
  19. Sma0815

    Feedback by 'Sma0815' on listing 'Zmf verite closed'

    As always everything perfect. Nice communication, prefect headphone and he even organized a local pick up for me via a friend of him. Thanks a lot!
  20. Sma0815

    Germany head-fi meet

    Hi @KcMsterpce, The meet up is today. But will be a small one with 3 local people. Maybe next time you can join, even that Belgium is quite a long drive. I know that @niels004 is also from Belgium. Maybe you can organize a Belgium meetup. Best regards from germany Sma0815
  21. Sma0815

    Feedback by 'Sma0815' on listing 'PD iFi XCan'

    Great seller. Fast shipping. Nice communication. Can recommend
  22. Zmf verite closed

    Hello fellow headfiers, I'm looking for a used zmf verite closed. If you have one let me know. Price is a bit negotiable ;) Best regards Sma0815
  23. Sma0815

    Feedback by 'Sma0815' on listing 'Cullen Power Cable'

    Everything perfect. Great seller. Can recommend
  24. Sma0815

    Comment by 'Sma0815' on listing 'Utopia plugs DIY'

    Updated the listing and price drop