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  1. Bjornboy81

    Portable amp for Ety ER-6i...need more bass

    Hey guys and gals, I bought the ER-6i's a couple of months ago and really like them, but I would like a little more bottom end. What amp do you suggest with a decent sounding bass boost? I'm shooting for no more than $150 here so I'm thinking the iBasso T2 (I really like the size too) or the...
  2. Bjornboy81

    Just learning Foobar2000

    Hey guys, I'm just learning Foobar and I'd like to "pretty" it up a little. I've fooled around with it a bit, but I ran across this site and it has very detailed info on setting it up like iTunes. I like how it looks but am wondering if this is a reliable site of if there are other sites out...
  3. Bjornboy81

    Just picked up a KD-1033

    Hey guys, I just got a Kenwood kd-1033 from a record shop for free. It doesn't work as of now. I have no idea what wrong with it, but I'm gonna give it a shot and see if I can't get it working. My question is: is this thing worth putting any money/time/effort into? If I do get it running, is...
  4. Bjornboy81

    Why does my iPod suck?

    My girlfriend bought me an iPod Nano (4Gig) a few weeks ago, I was thrilled! When I got all my songs loaded, I was more than disappointed. With the EQ on, it distorted at any level, any song (other than classical). Even with the EQ off, I can still hear some clipping on some songs. What? So I...