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  1. velingara

    What amp did you start out with? & what do you have now?

    Started off with a Total BitHead, now have the Micro Dac and Amp.
  2. velingara

    ok so the itouch and iphone are looking nice now....

    If you're just wanting music around the house, the touch and iphone now have remote control of itunes. That is, with an airport express ($100) hooked up to your dac/ stereo, you can control your entire itunes library from your touch. So you can have infinite music, at least in your house... It...
  3. velingara

    Wire replacements for klipsch promedia

    I replaced the satellites with some Infinity speakers I had- that made a huge difference.
  4. velingara

    Desktop or Laptop Person ?

    Desktop right now, considering a laptop for my next purchase- Currently, home built PC: Athlon 3200 1.5 GB RAM X800 Video card Creative X-Fi, digital out to HD DAC 2x15 gb raptors 10000 RPM, RAID 0 320 gb media drive 24" HP monitor Vista ultimate
  5. velingara

    iMod or iTransport??

    I am getting good results with apple airport express into the dac in my integrated stereo. Remote control can be with any pda with cheap to free software. This bypasses the ipod but uses my pc/ itunes. Since both the wadia and the airport express really need external dacs, I dont see what the...
  6. velingara

    DPS and T-amp?

    I have the 2007 Micro amp and dac. I've been thinking of upgrading to the Astrodyne power supplies, but I was thinking, with 6 outputs, could the DPS be used to drive the amp and dac, and also an efficient T-amp, like the KingRex. The KingRex has an optional external power supply which outputs...
  7. velingara

    Nearfield amp: Marantz Ma500 or KingRex

    I am setting up a nearfield speaker rig- currently PC (ALAC)-> HR Micro DAC -> HR Micro Amp-> amp in Promedia 2.1 -> Infinity Entra Ones. With $300- $350 to spend, I was looking at used Marantz MA500s to power the infinitys- overkill to be sure, but I may eventually move the amps to my main...
  8. velingara

    2007 Micro Amps and Micro DACs

    I thought it was best to turn on the dac-> amp-> (speakers if used) and turn off in reverse order to keep a sound bump from damaging speakers or headphones.
  9. velingara

    Balanced Desktop - Power Supply

    Is the generally thought that the DPS is overkill for the micro (2007-home) DAC and amp? And has anyone figured out what else could be plugged into the six power outlets of the DPS- Tyll had suggested some more things coming down the pike a few months back...
  10. velingara

    Is there a hole in Headroom's line or is the Bithead all that?

    The portable micro amp now has an internal dac option, for a total of $600. Closer to your price... I havent heard the other amps to compare it to.
  11. velingara

    Desktop Portable, but what source?

    Did your Archos ever come in? any comments on how it works with the desktop portable?
  12. velingara

    Micro 2007 Amp Burn in

    I just upgraded to the micro 2007 amp from a total bit head. Wow! Night and day! Everything is razor sharp, even from a so-so source (Ipod with ALAC). Saving up for a Micro DAC right now. Do Headroom amps benefit from burn in, and what is the process if you use IEM's, which themselves dont...
  13. velingara

    Pie-in-the-sky, if you could have anything, product suggestion thread.

    I believe the word was there was no room in the desktop unit for a max dac and the balanced hardware
  14. velingara

    Pie-in-the-sky, if you could have anything, product suggestion thread.

    It appears many of the portable users use Ipods. The later Ipods have been shown to be able to output digital audio if an external authentication chip is used (ala the Wadia iTransport). There is a real need for portable HDD-based digital out devices, like the old iRiver HP120. So my vote...
  15. velingara

    Portable Amp/DAC with coaxial SPDIF Input?

    Headroom Micro Mobile w/ dac or Desktop mobile
  16. velingara

    A question regarding the 2007 HR Portable Micro Amp

    I would be interested in knowing the SQ difference between the new 07 Mobile Desktop unit and the 06 micros with desktop units (separate DAC and amp). Are the same boards used, and if so, is the sound about the same? ANyone compare these two?
  17. velingara

    ~$50 USD External Laptop USB DAC?

    A used Total Bithead from Headroom- might be a few dollars more than $50, but look around, I've seen some on ebay and this forum.
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