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  1. nor_spoon

    Did HD800 fail? Poll: HD650 or HD800(vote only if you have listened to both)

    What Dallan says. I use the HD650 when using the headphone out on my receiver, as they are more forgiving with lesser equipment, but always reach for the HD800 when listening through the Zana Deux. Different flavours, but I like both headphones a lot. 
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  3. nor_spoon

    Zana Deux: Best or Worst for HD800?

    I have the Zana Deux too, and I agree with dallan. If you decide to go for one, do yourself a favor and swap the stock russian tube out with a good NOS tube. It really is worth it. As dallan said, they don't have to be expensive, and are very very easy to swap if that's your worry.
  4. nor_spoon

    Happy Birthday krmathis & mattcalf

    Gratulerer med dagen! Happy Birthday to all of you =)
  5. nor_spoon

    Eddie Current Zana Deux owners

    Congrats on receiving your Zana. It is a beautiful amp. Seems like we ZD owners are a happy gang, who enjoy the heck out of it. I know I do =)
  6. nor_spoon

    Which amp for getting better lows from HD800s without loosing detail?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Uncle Erik Solid state usually tightens up the bass, but the Zana has a wonderfully low output impedance, so it does well. I've been running the HD-800 from a Zana the past few months and I absolutely love the combination. The HD-800 with the Moth (sadly, no...
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    Happy Bday Blackmore

    Happy birthday! Have a great one!
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    From California, AdamCalifornia reporting about the Ferrari California

    Is that a blue Fiat Miata? Now, this is a nice Ferrari, the 430 Scuderia...
  9. nor_spoon

    Exclusively tuned for HD800, Little Dot 800SE!

    Thanks. They show up now.
  10. nor_spoon

    Exclusively tuned for HD800, Little Dot 800SE!

    Attached Thumbnail doesn't work... Gone now...
  11. nor_spoon

    Looking for more Music. (Strictly female vocals only)

    Ane Brun. Check her out.
  12. nor_spoon

    What'd you do when headphones smush your hair down?

    Always be sure to bring a nice headband to replace the headphones when not in use. It will look all natural and lovely, no one will laugh at your hair anymore.
  13. nor_spoon

    Grado sr225 wallpapers

    Really nice!! If you want some constructive critique, I think it would be a good idea to edit out the small dots of dust and such. That would make them even better and more professional looking. Sorry for being anal, but these things tend to catch my eye...
  14. nor_spoon

    How do you deal with the changing seasons, physically?

    I really like the autumn. Lots of cold, fresh air when outside, and good to be inside firing up when the wind and frozen rain sets in. I sleep much better too, when the room is cold, but hate getting out of a warm bed in the morning when its all cold and dark... brrrrrr... And I am also...
  15. nor_spoon

    MUSIC or SEX: which would you give up?

    Well, I often hear people on this board talk about eargasm. If those people chose music instead of sex, wouldn't that mean they would have to downgrade to lesser setups?
  16. nor_spoon

    Wax - we all have it in our ears...

    If you're gonna clean your ears, clean them with your albows =) The wax is there for a purpose, I see no reason for deep cleaning with q-tips often. I also believe that it will only lead to even more wax production. Although, I do clean mine every now and then with q-tips, but not too...
  17. nor_spoon

    STAX or HD800?

    It's all subjective. You got to listen for yourself... No one can tell you which system you will like more, as you might have figured out by now.
  18. nor_spoon

    New Bose headpone

    I listened to this model ok maybe not this model since it's new but looked the same the noise cancelling is awesome now I want one for crissmezz!!!
  19. nor_spoon

    shocking but true

    Yeah, cool story bro. Quite shocking indeed! I can imagine the actual phone call... wow. Thanks for sharing.
  20. nor_spoon

    When does audio wowness begain?

    After I installed an Isoclean fuse in my amp, I sometimes get goosebumps as large as blisters. A painful experience I tell you. Seriously, I don't know, I am really happy with my setup, and listen about every time I get the chance. It is too subjective to give a good answer since we all have...
  21. nor_spoon

    Eddie Current Zana Deux owners

    Congrats on your purchase! Although I am not much of a fuse believer, I have the Isoclean fuse installed in my Zana as well. At least, they should be quality if nothing else. The Valvos are nice, good choice. Note that they are microphonic, at least all mine are more or less, but they...
  22. nor_spoon

    Happy birthday ironbut, nickknutson, greydragon, iSleipnir, MetalGeek, fatchan.

    + YouTube Video ERROR: If you can see this, then YouTube is down or you don't have Flash installed. Happy birthday!
  23. nor_spoon

    Comfortable Dress shoe, any recommendation?

    Quote: Originally Posted by diogenes Rockport and Ecco seem to be the best I have found. Antother vote for Ecco. Been using their Receptor series for many years. Fit my feet very well. Just bought their dress shoes, and they are super comfortable.