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  1. pseudohippy

    Need DAC for Grado Alessandro MS2i

    Id like to be able to use these headphones in different rooms of my home playing from my laptop. I need help from those more knowledgeable then me. What is a good amp to pair with the MS2i for my purpose. Im afraid to hear there isnt a good match and Ill have to buy a new desktop amp but Id...
  2. pseudohippy

    Cowon S9 and Kleer Wireless Adapter

    Ok, ths is not a bash on either piece of equipment at all. Just for informational purposes only for those with the wireless considering the S9. The adapter will NOT fit in the player without the extension cable. I was disapointed they are not compatible completely. They do sound fantastic...
  3. pseudohippy

    What is the Science behind these Cables with no Wires

    These are some customs that Im looking at. The audio driver is in the cord at the point it attaches to this clear tube. Im wondering if it works like a doctors stethascope and if that could produce good sound or not. Anybody know the science behind these.
  4. pseudohippy

    WOW, Sleek Audio RULZ

    Ok, the bad news is one of my earpieces broke. I dont know how but looking at it from their point of view Id wonder if it was my fault. I wonder the same lol. No clue how it happened. I sent the one earpiece in Monday and they got it wednesday afternoon according to tracking. Today, at my...
  5. pseudohippy

    Cowon D2 and Headphones

    I need someone to ease my mind. (Im new here btw, hello all) Im a newb with all this stuff basically but when I was young I was into the stereo stuff. Anyhow, I just got a Cowon D2 DAP and either the Cowon D2 sucks monkey balls or the headphones that came with it suck monkey balls. Im on...