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  1. tattoou2

    R.I.P. Pete Seeger
  2. tattoou2

    RIP Manute Bol

    Your heart was as big as you.  Rest in peace, Manute.
  3. tattoou2

    Blues queen Koko Taylor dead at age 80

    RIP, Koko. She influenced so many. Blues queen Koko Taylor dies at 80 - Yahoo! News
  4. tattoou2

    HP Notebook Battery Pack Safety Recall

    I received this just today. Wanted to post in case others may not be aware of the recall. Important Safety Recall HP Notebook PC Battery Pack Replacement Program May 14, 2009 This program addresses an issue with specific battery packs used in certain HP, HP Pavilion, HP Compaq and...
  5. tattoou2

    Life is good when...

    we can forget our troubles for an hour or two, close our eyes to the cares of this world, not concern ourselves with headphones and amps, and simply listen to our music. For me, today is dedicated to Keith Jarrett. His The Köln Concert is absolute genius. We are indeed a fortunate group...
  6. tattoou2

    Anyone like Erin Bode?

    Listening to her album, 'Over and Over.' Her voice and lyrics are growing on me, kind of like a Jazz/Singer-Songwriter.
  7. tattoou2

    No Tuesday 01/02/07 Mail Delivery

    I may be mistaken, but I thought I heard on the news that mail delivery will be suspended on Tuesday, Jan 2nd., in honor of President Gerald Ford and resume again on Wednesday, the 3rd. So, mail will not be delivered Sunday, Monday or Tuesday. Just a heads up especially if some of you might...
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    RIP, June Pointer
  9. tattoou2

    Recommendations for iPod Nano FM Rcvr

    Anyone have an FM receiver for the Nano they can recommend? I don't really need an FM transmitter, just the receiver. I'm looking at the DLO NanoTune, but it's somewhat pricey at $70. Suggestions welcomed.
  10. tattoou2

    Noteworthy for Hi-MD Users

    SonicStage 3.4 is now available with added functionality especially for Hi-MD users.
  11. tattoou2

    Closeout on iRiver PCDPs

    I'm not in any way affiliated with iRiver, but for those of you who like the iRiver sound and their PCDPs, the iRiver America Store is having a closeout sale on the imp-50, ChromeX-150, SlimX-350, and SlimX-550. The units are specified as new but come with a 90-day warranty.
  12. tattoou2 and the Zen Micro

    About two weeks ago I pre-ordered a black one from Product release was supposed to have been 11/5, last week. Today I received a notice from Amazon stating: "This item is not stocked or has been discontinued." My cc was not charged according to the email. Anyone know if the...
  13. tattoou2

    Anyone Interested in Communication Receivers?

    Just received a new Icom R-5 from my sister for my birthday. This was a real surprise, because I have never been even remotely interested in scanning receivers or radios except for my Henry Kloss Models I and II. Scanning the manual and its features impressed me; however, it's just not my thing...