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    World Darts Championship Tune

    What's the name of the song that was played at the end of legs during the finals of the championship ? It's a dance tune ......and the people went striking their hands up chanting . Help.
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    Stolen identity at "" HELP.

    Someone who happens to know many details about my personal life has been spamming on orkut,a website that i have never visited before and didnt mean to.... So i request you to send me an orkut invitation,so i can get my identity back. Please, Sushant Gore.
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    An Audigy question.

    Why does the front out of any of the audigy series cards sound louder than the rear and surround jacks with headphones connected ? I mean the gain for the front opamp cant be set higher than the other channels ,otherwise,when using surround speakers,the fronts would sound louder(but they don't)...
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    How does the Zen Micro/microPhoto EQ work ?

    I know it has a 5 band custom EQ with frequencies centered at 80Hz,250Hz,1Khz,4Khz and 13 Khz. Now if i reduce the 4Khz by 2 db,upto what frequency does the reduction take place ? i mean both - below and above 4Khz.And what's the slope of the reduction ? BTW,i am sure this thread will...
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    Composer "Randy Newman" on BRIGHT recordings.

    Heres a quote from the soundtrack composer of Toy Story,Sea Biscuit : "A director is a guy who own a CD player and thinks he's an expert on music. True story - directors always like music to be brighter than it is, no matter how bright is already is. On one picture, the director asked me to...
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    Koss Impedance mod DOES work !

    First of all : My apologies to Kramer for not believing in him. I put a 100 Ohm metal film resistor in series for the ur40 and the bass BOOM has been almost done away with !.I only have to reduce between 60 and 300 hz by 1-2 db instead of the 3-4 db i used to before the mod. This mod takes...
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    Block DC Offset at amp. output.

    I am planning on replacing the JRC4556 on my sound card with the AD8397.And since the AD8397 is said to have some output dc offset,i was wondering if attaching a capacitor at the output of the opamp would work. And what negative impact would it have on the sound ?
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    Faraday Cage for Sound card complete.

    Did this to my sound card using my old school metal compass box and aluminium foil and finally grounded the faraday cage. Result: More sparkle and increased detail.A better mod than the one where you ground your processors heatsink !
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    My Creative DTT2200 > CMOY'ed Philips HP805

    I have a 6 year old 5.1 computer speaker model "DTT2200" from Cambridge SoundWorks that i just got out of my closet for selling off to my best friend. This was when the speakers were actually sold with "Cambridge" rather than Creative on the box. Anyways,5 satellites and one 5.25" woofer in...
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    Audigy Hardware Modded with Pics.

    With the help of Ikon,i was able to complete a mod on the Audigy Value.The Audigy Value is the same card as the Live! 24bit but with a different DAC(WM8768) and 2 10uF caps near each of the opamps. The card originally had about 34 caps.It now has 55 caps.All new caps were soldered behind the...
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    How do I IGNORE posts from certain people ?

    There are a few hard-headed head-fi members who also happen to be Grado lovers that i dont wanna see anymore of.Their attitude in their posts seems plain wrong to me. Is there anything i can do to NOT SEE them in the forums ? Can i block certain frames etc ?
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    Me WILL STICK TO THE Creative LIVE !

    Thats right, I am gonna buy another Live! 24bit and mod the **** out of it.You see,i find it entirely possible that the live! could beat the av-710 outright after the mods...... I was taking a look at the CS4382 DAC's circuit schematic and guess what ? Creative has omitted HALF of the bypass...
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    The Ultimate EQ Thread : Make Sticky

    Mods and members, I thought of making of this thread to improve the listening the headphone listening experience through pc's. As a software engineer who has also studied DSP for an year, i can say that a well implemeneted FIR filter with enough length in an EQ does not degrade the sound...
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    Electrolytics or polypropylenes in Passive crossover ?

    Guys, I want to replace the big bipolar Panasonic Electrolytic capacitors in my Morel bookshelves(2nd order crossover) to some polypropylene ones . What if any difference would it make ? Should i even replace the caps ? Oh and the people at are of NO help.Bunch of business...
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    Live! 24bit 4556A = CMOY.Cant hear difference !

    After 15 minutes of extensive testing,i honestly cant notice the difference between my Equalized and modded Philips HP805 plugged directly into the sound card,Live! 24bit and via my cmoy. And the soundstage is the same for the JRC4556A and the OPA2132PA.They sound quite alike. Hmm,now why did...
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    Girlfriend unimpressed and the ipod bud sound

    I had my one month gf try out my Equalized Philips HP805 and the UR40 using my Pc and her ipod as the source.And she wasnt delighted or amazed or anything like that.....she said that they were slightly better than her stock ipod ear buds but they were TOO BIG and UGLY.She called the goodlooking...
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    My heart shaped headphone stand.

    Guys, Made this some 6 months ago from 2 chrome coated hangers using a plier and some heatshrink tubing......too lazy to post pics.But,here they are now for your pleasure. Oh and it looks better in person than in the photo.Would make a nice gift to a girl.....Oh wait! I have to get her some...
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    22K POT in CMOY ?

    Hey, I am currently using a 22K Logarithmic Philips Pot in my CMOY because you just CANT find any good logarithmic pots around here that are not 22K or 47K ! The one 10k that i have has audible left-right nonlinearity/ R2 is 100K and i dont want to change it since my cmoy has been properly...
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    cmoy - no noise if i touch it.

    Not that it practically matters but still, if i turn my pot more than 50% and go-on towards a full turn i can hear noise,noise that keeps constant irrespective if whether i have music playing and the inputs are connected or not. Now heres the thing.The noise is attenuated by quite some...
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    CMOY - wheres my sub bass ?

    Hi, i am not able to hear sine tones below 40Hz at an appreciably volume on my cmoy with gain of 3. I can hear them without the cmoy. Currently using 0.1uF polypropylene capacitors for the cmoy input. What other values do you suggest ? Thanks, Sushant Gore.
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    CMOY stays on for 3 seconds after power-off !

    Like i wrote before,the wallwart has a 4700uF cap in it.The wallwart then supplies my LM317 and its accompanying capacitors as described in the "Improved Ripple Rejection" diagram in the lm317's datasheet. See attachment . I have further added a 220uf cap at the output of the lm317 as...
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    LM317 Ripple Filtering

    I am already using the Ci and Co caps as shown in the lm317's datasheet.Anything more that i can add to further improved the voltage output ?
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    2006 is a very good year! CMOY WORKING !

    Me so so happy.Hugs everyone at head-fi,org.Thanks you so so much and big bow and somersault to tangent for his EXCELLENT guide to making a cmoy. I havent been so happy since .....well quite some time......... The problem was that my source volume was too high for the amp whose gain is...
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    I am so so angry ......been messing around for 6 hours straight on tangents cmoy. Just yesterday,the voltage divider was working fine with a battery as well as the output of my LM317 (15V) , but today all i am getting is 15V at the V+ and 0V at V-. Tried replacing the C1 for the negative...
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    Whats that D1 and POT in CMOY ?

    Have a look at the cmoy tangent schematic pdf . 1)tell me whats that D1 in the power section . 2)Again in the power section,at the end,there a wire connected first between the two resistors and next between the two caps,and then connected to ground. WHAT ground ? 3)In the amp...