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  1. maxxy

    Just got the HD650 and having mixed feelings, help!

    Hi All   I just "upgraded" from the DT880 250ohm to the HD650 after like 5-6 years with the Beyers. Beyond the fact that there seems to be distortion in the left driver (arg! never buy second hand from Amazon again...) the headphone sounds AWESOME. Compared to the DT880, the soundstage is...
  2. maxxy

    Need DAC w/output decoupling. Advice please

    Hi guys   Really need some assistance here.. breaking my head over this one. I have zero electronics knowledge so please talk to me in laymen's terms. Much appreciated :)   I have a Burson PI-100 integrated stereo amp. I watch movies on this thing, so I feed it DTS downmixed to stereo...
  3. maxxy

    Installing EMU 0404 + Audigy cards?

    Hi guys, Im pretty sure there was a tutorial on how to install the EMU 0404 + Audigy1 card on the same PC... I can't seem to find it in the forums. Please help. Cheers maxxy
  4. maxxy

    "Yet another" yet another recommendation thread

    After getting the PX100 for my iAudio U2, it just left me with a taste for more... I am looking for cans that are not too expensive (~$200) and that will fit my music taste (Rock/Alternative/Electronic/Mainstream... mostly everything except classical) like Queen, Prodigy, Linkin Park, Alanis...
  5. maxxy

    Pro's/Con's of USB DAC against Sound Card?

    Question is pretty self explainitory. Would like some insight as I have no clue why one would be better than the other. Cheers
  6. maxxy

    Need soundcard please help noob

    Hey guys, Taking my first steps into hi-fi, but I am watching my wallet I have an Audigy1 and some (don't shoot me please) Plantronics headphones for my PC rig (Portable is iAudio U2+PX100). Anyway, am currently looking into getting the new Beyerdynamic DT models, along with a cheapo amp...
  7. maxxy

    New DT880 or DT990?

    Now that the DT990 is supposedly the new flagship model, does it mean that it is better? Because on the DT880 HiFi costs like 30euro more than the DT990 HiFi. Makes you wonder And what kind of cheap amp does one need to run these out of his Audigy? PA2V2 or GoVibe (and which...
  8. maxxy

    Headphones for PC, low budget.. please advise!

    Hi guys, First post... I wanna get me a nice pair of headphones (or headset) for my PC (only!). I have a SB Audigy 1 soundcard so I don't want to get headphones that will be overkill for my card. My max budget is 40 uk pounds... i can stretch it a bit more to 50 pounds but still, i'd...