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  1. jaybar

    Help! I Just got sennheiser Momentums. How can I tell what is left/right?

    Hi   As far as I can tell. I cant find and L or and R. What si left and what is right on therse headphones?   Thanks in advance.   Jay
  2. jaybar

    Looking for very good Soung and Great Comfort? P5? Sennheiser Momentum? Amperior? V-Moda?

    Hi   I listen to jazz, vocal, folk, chamber. Looking for very good Sound and great comfort in portable phones. Must have apple Control. They will be used with my iPhone 5 w/o an amp. Which of these to consider?   They should also be rugged. My reference rig has Gardo GS 1000. I waer...
  3. jaybar

    Portable on ear or around ear low impedance phones for iPhone ?

    If the barrel is too fat, and the iPhone has a case, the headphone might not seat fully into the jack Jay
  4. jaybar

    Portable on ear or around ear low impedance phones for iPhone ?

    No I am talking about the plastic barrel above the metal pin. Jay
  5. jaybar

    Portable on ear or around ear low impedance phones for iPhone ?

    Hi I am looking for phones with a very narrow plastic barrel so they fit my iPhone with Mophie case.
  6. jaybar

    Power Cords and Ray Samuels XP-7 headphone amp?

    Hi I have a new RSA XP-7. Power Cord suggestions? Ray used to suggest that nothing special was necessary. Is that still true? Thanks Jay
  7. jaybar

    Suggested GS 1000i break-in Time?

    Thanks   At the moment I am using my iPad and Ray's P-51 Amp. In about a month I will have A Rega Saturn with a Rega ICIS integrated and Ray's XR-7.      Jay
  8. jaybar

    Suggested GS 1000i break-in Time?

    Hi     Recommendations appreciated   Jay
  9. jaybar

    New to Portable Audio. Why is the Ray Samuels LOD very short and are there extenders?

    Hi All   I am new to the world of portable Audio. I just purchased a Ray Samuels Audion P-51 Mustang and his LOD Cable to use with my iphone and iPad.   Questions:   Any reasion why the LOD Cable is rather short? Do longer cables adversely affect the sound?     Are there LOD...
  10. jaybar

    Potential Resale Value of Gilmore KGSS Ectrostatic Headphone amp?

    Any idea what I might expect as potential Resale value should I decide to sell this amp ? Thanks Jay
  11. jaybar

    The Stax thread

    Hi I am currently using the Cardas twinlink power cord with good results. Wondering what others are using (The Cardas Twinlink costs $130) and am wondering how a better power cord might work with the KGSS? Thanks, Jay
  12. jaybar

    Headamp KGSS and Footers?

    Those who have used / are using the Headamp KGSS Electrostatic headphone amp. Have you found the amp to benefit from after market footers? Thanks in advance, Jay
  13. jaybar

    Headroom KGSS Electrostatic amp and footers?

    Hi Do you use your KGSS amp with the stock footers or have you found it to respond to after market footers? Thanks, Jay
  14. jaybar

    KGSS and Footers

    Is the KGSS Sensitive to after market footers or do most folks use it with the stock feet? Jay
  15. jaybar

    Grado GS-1000 and RA-1, good match?

    Zanth I was using MIT cables. Their network interface boxes flipped up the unit. At the time, I had Spectral pre-amp so I had no choice but to use MIT. Jay
  16. jaybar

    Grado GS-1000 and RA-1, good match?

    The problem with the RA-1 is its weight or lack there of. If you are using anything other than very light cable, it will flip up in the front. How do you deal with this? Jay
  17. jaybar

    The Stax thread

    How important is the dust cover for the Omega II's. It looks like a shower cap. YUCK. Jay
  18. jaybar

    Break in for new Omega II's

    My system Ayre Integrated amp Ayre CDP Ayre phono stage Cardas Golden Reference IC's throughout Golden Refenence power cords from all components to Shunyata power conditioner Shunyata Hydra 8 power conditioner Shunyata Python Helix Alpha from power conditioner to the wall Rega P9 TT...
  19. jaybar

    Break in for new Omega II's

    They sound muffled right out of the box, is that mormal? Also not as comfy as a friend's broken in pair. Do they get more comfortable. Thanks, Jay
  20. jaybar

    GS-1000 Lovers: who's left!

    The idea of source first and the suggestion that the $$$$ be spent at the source before anything else is nothing new. During the early days of Linn TT, I remember that evryone throught that Ivor was crazed, but he lugged the tristy Linn TT to the high end audio shops and demonstrated that a...
  21. jaybar

    Break in for new Omega II's

    Mine should arrive tommorrow. I have been advised that it could take in excess of 250 hours. Is that correct? Any tips. I will be using an SRM 717. Thanks, Jay
  22. jaybar

    KGSS Vs SRM 717 with Omega II's

    Are wood blocks under the Stax. Cardas Golden Referenec Power cords on both. Jay