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  1. Justin Uthadude

    AMB Gamma-2 repair needed

    I purchased a Gamma-2 awhile back. It now intermittently works. It appears the J20 coax in connector on the y1 board is loose. Is there anyone who is willing to resolder/replace and solder a new one? Happy to pay whatever is fair. Thank you for your attention. Justin
  2. Justin Uthadude

    First Listen: Death Cab For Cutie, 'Codes And Keys'

    NPR has it here
  3. Justin Uthadude

    Need help with noise, s/n, ground loop and dynamic range questions

    The impetus for these questions comes from the recent purchase of a usb galvanic isolator that I installed in my laptop system. I was occasionally hearing noise, mostly during quiet sections of music, that would sound like very low static or hiss. I did the usual things, changed the power...
  4. Justin Uthadude

    What music ‘scales’ the best with good equipment?

    Quite frequently I read someone post something like this, “these heaphones, this dac, etc scales well with better equipment” which means to me that as other pieces of gear get upgraded the headphones or whatever sound better too. What I would like to know is what type of music have you found...
  5. Justin Uthadude

    A poor man’s experience with Sixes and Seven (6sn7)

    After buying an amplifier that uses the 6sn7 tube, I did my due diligence and read everything I could find on that tube. I quickly realized that the popular tubes had been bid up in price to substantial levels. So I began my judicious search for good yet affordable tubes. I quickly learned that...
  6. Justin Uthadude

    Is there enough interest/threads to make 'soundcards' its own sub-forum?

    I may be alone here, so thought I'd just ask. I have decided to build my music system around a laptop. It's got pluses and minuses, but I like it. I am interested in usb vs s/pdif posts, software (foobar, plugins, taggers, o/s tweeks, etc), usb power vs walwarts, power conditioning, pretty...
  7. Justin Uthadude

    My new gear turned “awesome” to “crap” ! How do I deal?

    As my equipment gets better and more revealing, some music that I used to think sounded ‘killer’ now sounds flat, dull and well . . . obviously not that good when compared to the albums that now sound better than ever. Stuff I would rarely give a spin before I’m now listening to again because...
  8. Justin Uthadude

    A Head-Fi Crossword Puzzle

    Got a couple of tubes in the mail today from ebay, so I've had the headphones on all day. Sitting at the computer I tried my hand at a Head-Fi oriented crossword puzzle. Didn't realize it was so hard. Anyway here is my puzzle. Did it in excel and saved as a .jpg.   Here's the location...
  9. Justin Uthadude

    Why do so many ‘electronic’ and ‘ambient’ albums love to use static?

    For about the last 6 months I’ve been getting into what I call electronic music and ambient music. I don’t know all the sub-genres yet. Basically Amethystium, Tangerine Dream, etc, get lumped into ‘electronic’. Carbon based lifeforms, Eluvium, some Cochteau, Sigur Rós, Biosphere get called...
  10. Justin Uthadude

    J&R $4.99 CD Blowout

    J&R $4.99 CD Blowout Pretty nice selection to round out your collection .
  11. Justin Uthadude

    Why do we seem to be snobs with our ears but not our eyes?

    It seems everyday I see a post or article that basically says, “I can hear the difference between 75 bit/500 teraherz sound compared to redbook cd’s.” Basically implying they hear well above 22000hz and the rest of us are missing something. I’m not chasing that rabbit. What I’m wondering is...
  12. Justin Uthadude

    What else would I like, if I like this ? . . . . .

    I've discovered so much cool new music here just by lurking and asking, that it's taken me awhile to digest it. Now it's time for another bite. The list below falls into the category of 'electronic' for me. I'm looking for stuff that falls between 'heavy' and 'ambient' if that makes any sense...
  13. Justin Uthadude

    Head-Fi Observations from just another dude

    Just like in life, the more I learn, the less I know. Just thought I’d jot down a few of my observations I’ve learned in my short time here as a Head-Fi member. Observations, not facts. Maybe something might help another newbie like me navigate the waters a little easier. Head-Fi is a great...
  14. Justin Uthadude

    So, . .What state is your Head-Fi addiction at ?

    I was just reading the thread about people with underpowered expensive headphones. Great reading. Shows the wide variety of viewpoints and experience this community has to offer. All the rationale seem (im)plausible if you look at it from a different perspective. As I drive along the freeways of...
  15. Justin Uthadude

    Another Music Radio Source - Might wanna check it out

    While listening to the radio in my truck, I stumbled onto a public radio broadcast of the last year of the Beatles and found it fascinating. You know, ‘George wrote this song while at Clapton’s house’….. ‘at the same time Paul is playing drums and singing backup on Steve Miller’s album’…’here’s...
  16. Justin Uthadude

    Stranded in snowstorm (really)…need music suggestions

    I’m in my 18-wheeler in Northern Virginia and the roads are closed. Probably be here another day. Already played everything in my library related to snow, winter, xmas, etc. Need some suggestions. Links to appropriate songs would be nice. Is “whiteout” a genre? .
  17. Justin Uthadude

    How many listens do you give an album before you move on?

    I realize it varies. There have been albums I’ve grown to love, but didn’t like at first. But then on the other hand, life is too short to listen to bad tunes. How many listens do you usually give before losing interest or writing it off? .
  18. Justin Uthadude

    What was your best album/cd find of the year?

    Not necessarily a new release, but maybe something you’d been looking for but couldn’t find? For me it was picking up Odonata by Amethystium. It turned me onto a whole area of music I had only listened to but not owned. Now to keep it company in the genre that I just call electronic until I...
  19. Justin Uthadude

    Has anyone heard Citizen Steely Dan Boxset?

    This appears to be a tasty 4 cd remaster compilation that's $35 now. Thinking about getting it. Just wondering if anyone has heard it and can comment if it's up to their usual high sound quality. .
  20. Justin Uthadude

    What replaced Rock?

    I was listening to the radio yesterday, and they were interviewing the editor of the Italian branch of Rolling Stone Magazine. One of the things he said was, 'Rock as an artform is dead, and has been for 10 years.' It made me think, "is Rock dead, and if so, what replaced it?" .
  21. Justin Uthadude

    Your Top 5 Representative Albums of a Genre

    I am finding out that the better my headphones and equipment gets, the more I like other types of music that I didn’t used to listen to. In other words, my musical world is expanding as my wallet is shrinking. (I may not be alone) I am asking members of the Head-Fi music forum community to...
  22. Justin Uthadude

    What is your rating system? (for tracks/songs in your library)

    I am curious how other people assign ratings to the tracks in their library; not the labels or tags, but the rating. I use MediaMonkey as my library manager and tagger and organizer. It has a field for 1-5 stars. I’m wondering how other people use this star system (or some other way of rating...
  23. Justin Uthadude

    Singers form hasty duets to cash in on Casino Circuit

    It has been rumored that some musicians whose bands have broken up or whose careers are lagging, have been forming duets to take advantage of the quick and lucrative gigs they can get singing at the gambling casinos that are springing up everywhere. Even established personalities are cashing in...
  24. Justin Uthadude

    Wanted: bag 'o junk

    I want to eventually build an amplifier and a y2, but I don't even know how to solder. So first things first. Does anyone have some junk parts they would be willing to send me to practice soldering on? I'll be happy to pay shipping. After that, I have an unsuspecting pair of HD555s that need...