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  1. nuhi

    Convert Ape to Flac

    Well if you want to be sure that no processing was done on the song you're best to do it on your own. However after you confirm that application is not doing anything wrong and has it all automated then by all means do it...but I'll stick to Foobar2000 for wav and Flac Frontend for flac.
  2. nuhi

    Convert Ape to Flac

    Ok, you're right regarding the tags. But all programs convert to wav first, at least on the fly. Any program will do since those are losless codecs.
  3. nuhi

    Soundcard with RCA digital out?

    Check it here.
  4. nuhi

    Soundcard with RCA digital out?

    Sure, E-Mu states jitter <1000ps while Slimdevices ~50ps, that's 20 times in favor of latter but folks at Stereophile measured for RME card around 600-700ps for RCA so I concluded 10 times. E-Mu "Ultra-low jitter, clock subsystem: < 1 ns" (1ns = 1000ps) Slimdevices "Intrinsic jitter...
  5. nuhi

    Music on Computer... How much you have?

    80GB, mostly Flac.
  6. nuhi

    Head-fiers with experience with van den Hul Interconnects

    I have VDH First Ultimate MKII...reduced highs and unprecise bass, best midrange. Confirmed this on blind test with speakers and 3 interconnects, also heard it on my Sennheiser HD580. Try Kimber PBJ, it surprised me. Now I'm waiting for some silver Audioquest to try.
  7. nuhi

    Whats your Favorite PC Music Playback Software??

    Foobar2000 with Asio, FLAC and ColumnsUI. Before I used ReplayGain (89dB) in Foobar but now I'm not sure, I think it hurts dynamics. If someone else has some feedback on that...maybe amps love higher output, makes sence?
  8. nuhi

    What next? (Foobar and PatchMix DSP)

    Remove all DSP components, resampler and equilizer especially. Use ASIO as output. In Patchmix leave only wav and asio as in default. If you use SPDIF then play with SEND directly from ASIO (or General if you need Wav) to SPDIF output.
  9. nuhi

    Strange computer Noises

    Hey, majority has internal cards without these issues so that's not it. The main factor is motherboard quality and Windows setup. Check on the net how to get rid of that annoyance, I read many articles about it...if you can't buy a new motherboard at this moment. What is your motherboard...
  10. nuhi

    Digital out comparison. E-MU 1212m vs ESI Juli@

    Glassman, thanks for notifying them, now we can just hope they will come down and admit that there is a problem, at least silently in one of the next drivers. But I think they knew all along that it's doing too much processing or there wouldn't be an option to SEND data directly while it is...
  11. nuhi

    Digital out comparison. E-MU 1212m vs ESI Juli@

    1UP, just tried TOSLINK from Juli@ to 1212m and it's same as with RCA according to RMAA. Just wanted to add one more thing. Further proof why RMAA shows different results if SEND is in strip or main insert is because the one in strip disables strip volume as well as main while main leaves...
  12. nuhi

    Digital out comparison. E-MU 1212m vs ESI Juli@

    Quote: Originally Posted by lan Although analog cables work, it's best if the cables were made for the high bandwidth and length for digital use. A low bandwidth and reflective cable will just add more jitter. That's why I switched them every now and then. And besides that both of...
  13. nuhi

    Digital out comparison. E-MU 1212m vs ESI Juli@

    >>>>You should let the 1212m burnin. After 3-4 days of usage it didn't change nor I expect it to...we are talking about digital part only, 3-5 small capacitors ? >>>>Results will vary with digital cable used. What did you use? It was Supra Trico and VDH Ultimate (from analog...
  14. nuhi

    Digital out comparison. E-MU 1212m vs ESI Juli@

    This is digital out (S/PDIF) only comparison. Prelude After comparing digital output of Realtek AC97 onboard chip in Asus A8V Deluxe with Juli@ it was night and day...that was the main reason why I went along with this upgrade to 1212m which may seem overkill for some. Equipment -...
  15. nuhi

    Will a transport power cord upgrade improve sound quality?

    If I may barge in. Few days ago I upgraded all power cords with DIY terminated Lorad 2.5 cable and there was a change for the better. What am I trying to say is that it would be best to change all power cords with some "cheaper" shielded power cables and terminate them yourself...that way...
  16. nuhi

    Esi Juliet good enough for external DAC ?

    Glassman, yeah I don't know if it is worth the upgrade. Here are the facts gathered from a lot of reading before turning for your advice: - 1212m doesn't use expansion cable which in Juli@ is around 35-40cm...that's not short and it's very low quality, not shielded. Why have I bought 1m...
  17. nuhi

    I think I just killed my HD-600's

    Maybe your tiny connector cable broke. I just saw it today while fixing that connector thingy here. Be VERY carefull with those cabels, they are thin as hair. Read instructions below pictures.
  18. nuhi

    Sennheiser HD600's vs. 5.1 surround?

    No, it is only a part. Well I see you have a computer If you have a DVD-Rom, download trial version of PowerDVD software player and taste the difference I'm kidding, it's nothing spectacular, install Izotope ozone DSP plugin for Winamp and put an "Around Ear Headphone" preset and you will...
  19. nuhi

    Sennheiser HD600's vs. 5.1 surround?

    Sorry if i'm rude to jump in... Dolby Headphone effect is a DSP efect in DVD players. It's just a software emulation of speakers in a room (which size, you can choose). It adds echo and lots of other effect like crossfeed and reverb into that "dry", totally separated and precise headphone...
  20. nuhi

    PC -> Mini Hifi

    here try this , it turns my sblive into .... errr.... something else I'm in process of collecting money for some pro card but this driver is doing fine job in killing time. You need to use REAR output and don't forget to install/extract those mfc libraries and uninstall EVERYTHING from...
  21. nuhi

    kX Project for SbLive !

    I don't know how many of you already know this, but here i go. In searching for newer Creative Sounblaster Live drivers I stumbled on kX Project drivers. First thing that caught my eye was that that these drivers are custom made, not tweaked or just some beta Creative drivers. So i gave it...
  22. nuhi

    Senn 580 or 590 on PC? I know it's boring question but ...

    excellent, it's beginning to make some sense, now i'm just waiting for final statement of "The Quality Guru" and maybe some other posts, but i'm "in" the 590...for now.
  23. nuhi

    Sennheiser announces HD600 Driver/Cable Upgrade

    almoust good one, just the price is a bit overrated
  24. nuhi

    Senn 580 or 590 on PC? I know it's boring question but ...

    Hi, if you could help me choose between Sennheiser hd580 and hd590. I can buy 590 now or wait another month and buy 580 (yes in my place 580 are more expencive than 590 for a 50$). I will be using it on a PC sound card and no amp, so keep that in mind. I have seen every damn post about...
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