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  1. mclldavidson

    I need some cheap bluetooth headphone recommendations

    My Mee Matrix 2's are about dead, I want something cheap.  Whatever they are they must be able to talk a phone call.  I have been looking at some Sony 330's but am open to suggestions.
  2. mclldavidson

    I need cheap bluetooth recommendations

    I have some ATH M50's and they sound great but I am tired of the cords and one of the ear pieces is super glued on and the ear pieces do not set right.  I am not obsessive about the sound quality so keep that in mind, I just want some cheap and decent headphones that are bluetooth.  I know...
  3. mclldavidson

    What are the headphones at Best Buy hooked up to?

    I was in best Buy and they have a pretty nice headphone section which is right when you walk in the store.  I was curious to what the actual setup is and what the headphones are running off of because I assume the headphones on display will not sound as good straight hooked up to a cell phone ec
  4. mclldavidson

    I would like to pay someone to solder my headphone wires

    I accidently cut the cord on my M50's and have no experience soldering, I would like to hire someone in the US to do it for me.  I have the part I need, I just need the wires soldered.  I will pay shipping to and from you.
  5. mclldavidson

    I accidently cut my ATHM50 cable

    It didnt cut in half but put a gash in it and they dont work now, can I fix this?
  6. mclldavidson

    Can the cord on ATHM50's be fixed?

    I was just trimming my hedges and the cord slipped out and got cut by the trimmers.  I really hope these can be fixed
  7. mclldavidson

    What is the best/hottest deal you ever got on headphones?

    I was on and there was a post about 50% off Audiotechnica ATH M50's coiled.  By the time I saw it they were gone but I searched for straight cable and was able to get a set for 50 bucks, pretty excited considering I was about to order the JVC HA-S500's for about the same!
  8. mclldavidson

    Jvc has500 or Audiotechnica athm50?

    I tried getting a solid answer a couple times in the has thread with no luck so maybe I can get one here. For those who have both which do you like better and why?
  9. mclldavidson

    Does everyone here believe in burn in?

    Seems like bs to me
  10. mclldavidson

    is there a large amount of people here who hype up products quite often?

    I posted on another board about some headphones I saw people here raving about and a few people made comments like "Typical head-fi flavor of the month chatter"   "i'm a big headfi-er. i would wait to get more reviews in. headfi always gets the 'great new budget headphone' hype, and its...
  11. mclldavidson

    jvc harx700 or panasonic rphtf600?

    I have been reading about both and I have had the 700's before and liked them but the cord was cut on accident.  I am about to order a set today on amazon, which and why?   I tried getting help in the advice thread but no luck.   I will be listening to podcasts, rock(nothing heavy)...
  12. mclldavidson

    I am getting some Beyerdynamic DT770 80ohms, what are your thoughts?

    First thing I am not an audiophile, I have had the following and been more than happy with them   Grado SR 80's Sennheiser 555 JVC xr700   I am basically in these 770's for 35 bucks.  I traded a phone I paid 90 bucks for them and 55 bucks.  I have not received them yet(did the deal...
  13. mclldavidson

    How does a cheap cmoy amd compare to the Fiio E3?

    I bought a cheap cmoy Altoids with bass boost and volume control and liked it, how does the Fiio E3 amp stack up?
  14. mclldavidson

    Any recomendations on a set that sounds as good as Grado 80's?

    I had some but I didn't like how I could hear too much background noise, what would be a good option for me?
  15. mclldavidson

    Thanks to this board I went from looking a cheap ear buds to buying a nice pair of headphones

    I was pointed toward this site for a recommendations on a cheap but decent pair of ear buds. After doing much reading etc, I decided upon a pair of Grado SR60's. I had never even heard of Grado, well I got on ebay and got a pair of SR80's for 70 bucks that have 500 hours on them and supposedly...
  16. mclldavidson

    Well I ended up buying these JVC's for 8 bucks

    Buy the JVC Marshmallow Soft Inner Ear Headphones and other Headphones at Marked down for 25 bucks, I was told on another forum for the price these are the best I can get, especially at 8 bucks