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  1. mojo

    Noise cancelling headphones that are comfortable with a pillow

    I have a couple of pairs of noise cancelling headphones (both Audio Technica) and find they don't work very well when I try to lie back in my seat with an inflatable pillow. One ear always ends up too near the pillow for them and they come off.   I'm not a huge fan of in-ear monitors in terms...
  2. mojo

    Best type of solder for audio quality

    I have been experimenting with different kinds of solder for use in audio. My experiments have all been on cables but presumably it affects PCBs as well.   I mostly use 60/40 leaded solder. IMHO all the lead-free stuff is crap, takes too much heat to flow properly and make a really good join...
  3. mojo

    Ear hair removal for improved sound quality

    I recently bought a Philips ear and nose hair trimmer. I don't have much ear hair (I'm only 30 and mainly got it for nose and eyebrows) but I have noticed some sonic improvement after using it. Highs sound a bit more "effortless" and airy. The mids are where the biggest improvements where...
  4. mojo

    LEDs inside audio jacks?

    A customer brought an ASUS Xonar soundcard in and I thought that the LED lit audio jacks looked nice: I looks much better in real life, especially with a bit less ambient light. I searched but couldn't find any examples of people doing this themselves. Unfortunately I can't open the...
  5. mojo

    Best way to carry PK1s (or any buds for that matter)?

    I find that the film tube the PK1s came in is a bit small for carrying them. They are not easy to wedge in there. So, my question is, what do people use for travelling with them?
  6. mojo

    Best/neatest way to carry headphones?

    I have been using my Nokia N73 for listening to audio books, podcasts and the like. It's very handy because I carry my phone anyway, and sound quality does not really matter for speech. The problem is that the Nokia headphones I'm using are not easy to carry. You end up with a mess of wire in...
  7. mojo

    USB volume/replay gain control design

    I have been experimenting with analogue volume setting with digital control. The main motivation is to do Replay Gain in the analogue domain, because for whatever reason it doesn't sound as good to me in the digital domain (particularly with FLAC). My initial design is based on two DS1669...
  8. mojo

    Any tried laser cutting for panels/enclosures?

    Looking at the high prices of custom machined front panels, I was looking for an alternative and noticed laser cutting is quite cheap Laser cutting of plexiglass or other plastics is very economical, and most places accept output from free CAD/vector drawing programs. Thickness can go up to...
  9. mojo

    Op-amp supply for VU meters

    I want to build this circuit to run some analogue VU meters: VU And PPM Audio Metering Problem is it needs +/-15V. Short of making my own PSU or trying to do some kind of DC-DC conversion, the only simple solution I can think of is to use +/-12V instead. I think it should be fine. I...
  10. mojo

    Attaching non-panel mount connectors to a panel

    I need to connect some non-panel mount connectors to a front panel that is 4mm thick. I'm basically making a big interface board, which will have VU meters, USB, Famicom (Nintendo NES) and various other controller ports on it. None of them are panel mountable. For the VU meters I could just...
  11. mojo

    Cheap iPod LOD?

    I have a 3G iPod with dock, and I want to make a line out dock for my cmoy. Looking at commercial prices though, they seem a bit high. Considering you can get really cheap iPod dock connector to 3.5mm jack connectors on eBay for a few pounds, I was wondering what justifies the difference in...
  12. mojo

    Both front and rear outputs from soundcard?

    I have a Philips Ultimate Edge (Envy24 based) and want to use both the front and rear outputs at the same time. I currently have my 'phones in the standard front output jack, but also want to be able to use speakers without swapping cables or a switchbox. I was hoping to connect them to the...
  13. mojo

    Please help me get started with Jazz

    Being in Japan recently I noticed that they listen to a lot of jazz, especially in audio shops I'm not sure where to start. I like the stuff they play here, usually piano based stuff, mostly instrumental but sometimes with vocals (seems to be mostly American singers but some Japanese as...
  14. mojo

    Headphone related wallpaper!

    Please post your 'phone related wallpaper. +1,000,000 bonus points if it improves SQ too
  15. mojo

    Distortion problem with my 1st Cmoy

    I finished building a Cmoy, but I am getting some distortion. It sounds like the higher frequencies only - lower pitch guitars sound ok but voices are distorted. Source is an iPod or PC. I have attached two photos. I checked all the resistor and cap values, they seem OK. R5 is jumpered... Any...
  16. mojo

    Cheap and easy DIY headphone stand?

    I've been looking for a headphone stand for a while, but don't really want to shell out loads for one. Plastic heads freak me out so lets rule those abominations out... The stand needs to be sturdy, sit on a desk and of course take good care of the 'phones. Looking good would also be a...
  17. mojo

    AV-710 and ASIO problem with WinAMP

    I've been trying to get ASIO working in WinAMP for use with an AV-710. I have had it working, but whenever I restart my computer it stops again until I fiddle around with it a bit more. I'm using the latest VIA drivers, set to High Sample Rate mode 96KHz. I have the ASIO plugin set to...
  18. mojo

    A pre-packaged Head-Fi Foobar2000 config?

    Foobar2000 seems to be considered the best audio player out there, but many people have trouble setting it up. I personally have spent hours trying to get to grips with the documentation, various forums and the like, but despite being a generally capable user have been unable to get it into a...
  19. mojo

    Which headphones for power metal?

    I've been reading Head-Fi for a while now, but am still trying to decide which headphones I should buy so was looking for a bit of advice please. My current setup is this: Philips Ultimate Edge sound card Creek OBH-11 headphone amp Sennheiser HD495 headphones Stax SR-3 earspeakers and...