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  1. xuan87

    Shozy Zero IEMs

    Just want to start a thread of the Shozy Zero before these IEMs hit the market, hopefully soon!   A quick description: The Shozy Zero is a single dynamic-driver IEMs made with REAL rosewood and priced at $50!! Pictures can be seen at the Shozy Facebook page. These IEMs are cheekily name Zero...
  2. xuan87

    Wondering if I should modify a headphone this way...

    I'm planning to have a balanced home rig, so obviously, I'll have to reterminate my headphones. Instead of reterminating it to a 4-pin XLR, 2 3-pin XLR, or RSA Balanced plug, I was thinking of just putting a 3.5mm mono female plug on each side of the headphone, so the headphone has removeable...
  3. xuan87

    Can a newbie build a Millet Minimax?

    I'm not a total newbie to diying, as I've made several interconnects (3.5mm, RCA, SE/Balanced adapters) so I have some decent soldering skills. I've some free time now, and I'm interested in trying to build a Minimax. I know a place where I can get all the parts but what I'm concerned with is if...
  4. xuan87

    Any comments on Nuforce Icon2 + S-X setup?

    Hi everyone, like the title says, I'm thinking of getting the Nuforce Icon 2 and S-X speakers and run them out of my desktop. I can't seem to find any reviews on the S-X so i just thought i'll start a thread and ask for comments and opinions from owners. Thanks for reading!
  5. xuan87

    Recommendations for portable balanced source and desktop balanced DAC

    Recently, i got the chance to listen to the RSA SR-71B and i really like it. In order to fully maximize its potential, i realized that i need a balanced input for it. One option is the iBasso DB2 portable DAC but I tried it and didnt really like it. Furthermore, I do not bring DACs out with me...
  6. xuan87

    Earbuds (not iems) under $20

    hey guys, my friend asked me for a recommendation for an earbuds under $20 and earbuds are not my specialty. i deal more in iems and headphones and the only earbuds that i know are good are the Yuin range, which is out of her budget. i've searched around the forum, but most earbuds that are...