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  1. Mr Iriver

    Shures Customer service is one of the best, but im still pissed

    OMG I remember I complained on shures customer service based on what someone at shure told me. But I returned the SE530s, and just got a completely new pair. I am kind of pissed of however. I got back the Shure E500s, and not the shure SE530s. I know they are supposedly the same. Bu...
  2. Mr Iriver

    Help shure related: I forgot to mail the receipt with repair unit

    I sent the unit with the repair for and all. But as soon as I got back home, I saw the copy of the receipt at home, along with the original receipt. Is there any way I could get shure to still fix my SE530s for free. Can I fax the receipt to them or something. I don't know what to do.
  3. Mr Iriver

    Will iRiver ever make another HDD mp3 player

    I used to love their HDD mp3 players. Now Im wondering if iRiver will ever do another one.
  4. Mr Iriver

    DO people not care about midrange. SE530

    I have heard all of the best IEMS except for the new UE11, the UE5c, and the sensas. But every single time I hear people who have used to etymotics complain about the treble of every other thing they hear. In my opinion it is an innacurate timbre that they have grown to enjoy. However, I have...
  5. Mr Iriver

    Guitarists check out these funny "instructional videos"

    Some guy on you tube posted some funny videos based on the instructional videos of guitar players such as John Petrucci, Michael Angelo Batio, and Yngwie. Check these out, I assure you that you'll laugh, especially if you know who john petrucci is, as well as michael angelo batio, and yngwie...
  6. Mr Iriver

    Metallica Guitarists vs Iron Maiden's

    Who do you guys like better out of the guitarists of these two bands? A lot of people say Kirk is overrater, but I think he has an awesome playing ability. I think Kirk can play the best out of these guitarist, but for me Iron Maiden's deva murray writes more music with more complexity.
  7. Mr Iriver

    Greatest instrumental ever

    Jason Becker- End of the Beginning (and by far IMO). Joe Satriani- Crush of love
  8. Mr Iriver

    My impressions from short listens at the nationa meet

    The meet had lots of kick ass gear, including some stuff I'll never be able to afford. I tried many headphones but I am going to post my impressions on those that I either tried for at least 10 min, or those that impressed me right away. What the hell, almost every headphone impressed me right...
  9. Mr Iriver

    Who's gonna see Satriani Live.

    Satriani is gonna play in NY on april 13. I must go. I have not heard much of his music, but what I have heard is enough. Who else is going
  10. Mr Iriver

    What guitar effect michael angelo batio uses?

    I love the effect michael angelo uses. It sounds like some kind of synth, distortion. I cant explain it. Anybody knows what he uses to get that tone. I don't like how distortion alone sounds for shredding.
  11. Mr Iriver

    Anybody know when rockboc player comes out. Rig was stolen

    Some idiots picked my locker, and took my portable rig. My Hdd6330 and my shures were stolen. I am so mad, but would like to know if the rockbox player is anywhere close to it's release date.
  12. Mr Iriver

    Need help with schematics?

    With this being the diy forum I was thinking maybe you guys could help me out. I have an uncle in Colombia, who is a professional elctrician, but I on the other hand don't know much about circuit making and such. Thing is he could build me a guitar effect. He is avery good electrician who...
  13. Mr Iriver

    Name all the guitar legends you know

    I am curious to see which guitarrist headfiears think are most legendary. They don't exactly have to be the most technical, if they are great influential writters. I think legends are Michael Angelo Batio (I had not heard of him until very recently. He is perhaps the fastest guitarist...
  14. Mr Iriver

    Is there an emulator for gmini 402?

    There is a sega game gear for the archos gmini 400? Does anybody know if this will work for the Gmini 402, or if there is a version for the 402? Thanks.
  15. Mr Iriver

    Help Me. Any reasons to avoid the SONY NW-HD5?

    Last players I have used are HDD players. So I am used to carry have songs everywhere with me. I have a pair of shure E3s and from what I heard the sony players syenergize very well with them shures. I am looking at the following players: The mobiblu DAH 1500i...
  16. Mr Iriver

    The most beautifull DAP ever.

    Just got from best buy, and got this philips player. What can I say other than it is by really far the most beautiful looking DAP I have ever seen. Perhaps the most beautiful gadget ever. It is similar to the Mrobe but cooler looking. The UI is beautiful, and the way the buttons glow too...
  17. Mr Iriver

    Is shure really releasing gaming phones? I am going to the event above, and upon looking about the shure booth, I read about a gaming series of phones. Are they reffering to the usual shure E2,e3,e4,e5, or are they in the making of a gaming series of headphones, or IEMS. .
  18. Mr Iriver

    3d stage, speed; SUperfi pro, UM2, or E5c

    I would like to know which of the above three IEMs has the most 3d like soundstage. I am looking for a big soundstage that yet feels most 3d like. From what I know the superfi pro has the biggest soundstage, does this give the sound also a more 3d sound? Also which is faster, as I need good...
  19. Mr Iriver

    Metal Fans: Ever heard of MVP

    Has any of you ever heard of the band MVP (Michael Vescera Project)? I think their album "THE ALTAR" is one of the greatest metal albums ever made. THe bad thing is this album is rare and (I think) is only sold in Japan. (It may also be found on ebay and online) If you guys like iron...
  20. Mr Iriver

    Which is the best all around canalphone?

    Which canalphone do you think is the best all around canalphone, concerning the following: --Detail --Clarity --Decay --Timbre --Soundstage --Frequency Balance from lows to mids to highs --Sibilance control --Improvement when amped --instrument separation --extension --speed...
  21. Mr Iriver

    Creative makes interesting "H quality"audio chip

    Check this out. This shows a little bit more on what it does to the sound I wonder if such a chip can really make audio sound as good as creative says without coloring the sound...
  22. Mr Iriver


    Boxwave ( just released a case for the iRiver, and other accesories. LINK TO THE ACCESORIES. They should be making an Iskin like case soon, but their current armor case for the H320 looks realy nice. They also released...
  23. Mr Iriver

    Best techno phones for under $100?

    Which are the best headphones Under $100 for bass requiring music like techno, and electronica? A friend of mine is looking for something with the right sound for techno with a maximum budget of $100. Hoperfully something with lots of good qualities in the bass. Lots of bass, that's clean and...
  24. Mr Iriver

    Zen Micro earbuds or the Iriver stock Earbuds (MX 400).

    My friend just got his first Mp3 player. He wants to know which are the better earbuds. The problem is he won't pay more than $15 for earphones. Which pair would sound better the Zen Micro earbuds, or the Senn MX400 earphones? Thanks in advance.
  25. Mr Iriver

    Frequencies of Iriver Bass and Treble Boost?

    Does anybody know the frequencies the Iriver boosts with the bass boost, and the ones boosted with the treble boost? Thanks.