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    Audiophile Club of Athens

    This video clip is so good it needs its own thread. It's just a quick 20 minute documentry on a few Euro audiophiles, but at times it had me teary from laughter. I'm sure anyone here can see more than a bit of themselves in the film. Check it out, it's well worth it, and of extra interest to the...
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    Massive Attack Announce Toronto Makeup Date Fri 10/6/06

    Sorry this is a weird thing to have in its own thread, but I know that there are a few people on here that might appreciate this if they get it in time. A few minutes ago by blind luck I stumbled on the info that MA have rescheduled their cancelled Toronto appearance for 10/6 at the Carlu...
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    Dumb Q: Can a HF amp be used as a phono preamp??

    I'm curious to try this instead of using the crap onboard phono stage of my integrated amp..... So, if I were to do: TT output>HF amp>1/4" adapter>'Y' cable(I have a decent one)>integrated LL input And if I were to cautiously adjust my HF amp's volume knob to approximate line level (by...