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  1. Jon.

    Before and after pics - CURSE YOU HEAD FI!

    Hey! I'm not a nerd...
  2. Jon.

    Before and after pics - CURSE YOU HEAD FI!

    I think we need to see a close up of that picture instead.
  3. Jon.

    Doctor Who

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kirosia I like tennant more than eccleston, but they both do a fair job. Tennant has a better character developed to work with. Mind you I hated having him replace the/my first doctor who I thought was fantastic, but Tennant grew on me as well. He...
  4. Jon.

    Anyone into paintball?

    I recently went for the second time in my life sunday, It was awesome, I went home and ordered a gun/accessories that night (600$ Sorry about my wallet indeed ). I'm so anxious waiting for them to show up, even though I know it'll be over a week away. I didn't see any recent paintball...
  5. Jon.

    How's your MLB team doing?

    Franklin is horrible, always has been, 2006 aside Lohse has been worse than Josh Towers and he's making 5 million. Lidle we already tried that. Redman, I don't even want to go there. Basically there's nobody out there for a bottom rotation starter who's better then what we already have...
  6. Jon.

    SR60 with $1k in upgrades? LOL!

    Quote: Originally Posted by seeberg Wait, there's a Grado called the Crappy? Why did I miss out, I've never heard of crappy Grados before. I got them at best buy, fh1's or something.
  7. Jon.

    How's your MLB team doing?

    The starting pitching market is basically Zito then the Josh Towers' of the world. It would cost us a fortune for Zito and most other pitchers out there just aren't better than what we have, or are worth the risk. Unfortunatly.
  8. Jon.

    SR60 with $1k in upgrades? LOL!

    I was going to buy those and sell my current crappy grados.
  9. Jon.

    How's your MLB team doing?

    My jays are doing well since the Shea-fiasco reared it's head. Doing well today too, we'd be looking at a sweep if it wasn't for very very VERY poor bullpen decisions yesterday. Is it too late for Fransisco Rodriguez to hand over his nickname to Alex?
  10. Jon.

    How much to run my AC?

    I keep mine on all day and turn it off at night, it's about 18/65 degrees in here right now. It's swell.
  11. Jon.

    Which head-fi member lives close to you

    I think I'm alone here(northern NB), but I know there's a few down in PEI and Nova Scotia, who I can't exactly recall.
  12. Jon.

    I need your support Head-Fi

    I took 3 days off work thinking I'd need them, I got mine pulled in the morning, home by noon, slept till 2ish, woke up and was feeling great enough I wanted to go back to work that night. I was put under and was at the oral surgeon not the dentist for the procedure if it makes a difference...
  13. Jon.

    Post a picture of your Headphone Rig.

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cousin Patty Updated a bit: Yeah Megadeth!
  14. Jon.

    Mid Life Crisis

    Quote: Originally Posted by mbriant I don't think you've completely thought this through. Where do you put your golf clubs? In the front seat, screw passengers.
  15. Jon.


    So you didn't mean it when you said happy birthday?
  16. Jon.

    ZVM Owners: Any problems with your device?

    Is it now, I haven't had much of a chance to play around with one because of where I live, but now I feel better about getting one. Thanks.
  17. Jon.

    Happy Canada Day!

    I'm going to flip out the next time someone keeps mentioning this mysterious "long weekend" I worked friday, I work tomorrow, I work monday... nobody in this town has a long weekend unless they specifically asked for time off work.
  18. Jon.

    Happy Canada Day!

    We had thunderstorms that shook my house and the chair I'm sitting in.
  19. Jon.

    Happy Birthday lmilhan, Uzziah, Jon.

    Quote: Originally Posted by darkninja67 Happy Birthday to you all. Have a great day. Treat yourself to some new gear. I was going to get a zen vision:m, but the forecast of a long humid summer meant I got some cooling-fi gear instead. Bring on the conditioned air. (I'll get the...
  20. Jon.

    NEW CORDA HEADFIVE: A New Amp to Celebrate Head-Fi's Fifth Anniversary!

    Quote: Originally Posted by skyline889 this amp however, feels pretty detailed, kind of like my NADs. Yeah this amp is just like my NADs too, warm detailed and smooth...
  21. Jon.

    Happy Birthday lmilhan, Uzziah, Jon.

    Gosh thanks. Hugs all around.
  22. Jon.

    Meier Audio Corda Head-Five Picture Thread

    linky Nothing fancy. And yes I'm the first person to find a practical use for cans of coke zero. A pioneer.
  23. Jon.

    Headfive Serial Number List

    Quote: Originally Posted by MTsoul If I won't have to pay the useless taxes that Canada doesn't deserve from an international purchase, I will personally find an audio-related e-card and send it to Jan. I live in NB, it didn't cost me a cent over the price Jan asked to get it onto...
  24. Jon.

    Head-Fi Doubter "Conversion" thread

    Converted my friend's little brother from dollar store earbuds and rca lyra to shure e2c and zen micro, of course he takes me as his role model/idol and wanted to copy me. Now he has my sony sa1k's and shure e3c, and wants to upgrade in the shure line, though I may steer him to er4's (doesn't...