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  1. GlendaleViper

    The British Psych Appreciation Thread

    Back 'atcha, Wuss (feels weird calling you that!). Mary Anne with the Shaky Hands is probably my favourite Who tune, and Sell Out has a massive chunk of my favourite single tunes out of all their albums.   Anyone else find themselves holding "cut-n-paste b-side" albums higher than a band's...
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    The Exploration of Metal and Progressive Rock

    I'm weird once again, but I'll state with no uncertain terms that Relayer is Yes' best piece of music. However, you can't go wrong with any selection between The Yes Album and Relayer, it's all very, very good.   I do have a soft spot for their debut, too (OP, don't confuse "The Yes Album"...
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    The Exploration of Metal and Progressive Rock

    Deep Funk, if you're liking the ear-bleeding fuzz of Kyuss that much, I really need to recommend "God Luck and Good Speed" by Weedeater. It's slower by comparison and you may not like the vocals but I'll mail you a kidney if it isn't one of the best-recorded examples of tube-fuzz glory I've ever...
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    Big Biz
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    Punk Recommendations?

    I'm not as qualified to post here as I once was, but there are a few bands in this genre that I still actively listen to, and so should you!   Propagandhi: Today's Empires Tomorrow's Ashes, Potemkin City Limits, Supporting Caste   Their first two albums are decent enough, but it wasn't...
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    What is, in your opinion, the SMOOTHEST song you can think of?

    Stan Getz/João Gilberto/Astrud Gilberto - The Girl from Ipanema
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    Doom Metal

    My god, someone else who recommends Firewood over The Alchemist? You, sir, are my favourite.   And I'll pipe in with heavy Om love. Excellent, atmospheric and minimalist. These guys are superb.   Quote:
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    The Exploration of Metal and Progressive Rock

    In the sense that Dio was a true Metal legend, yes. Along with Halford and Dickinson, he was one of the great voices in early heavy music.   In the sense that he was the voice of no less than three bands recommended in this thread (Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell), yes, very important...
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    The Exploration of Metal and Progressive Rock

    Despite my general recommendation earlier that Lizard is a worthwhile and enjoyable listen, if you haven't already, please consider Larks Tongues In Aspic first. Once again, I'm an oddity in this regard, but this is, in my humble opinion, their most exciting and rewarding album.   While I'm...
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    Is there an App we/you need related to Head-Fi?

    If you haven't already, have a look at's iphone app - it's essentially a dedicated RSS feed based around user submissions. Obviously, if you're looking to specifically brand it as a Head-Fi app, you have some correspondence with Jude to deal with, but an application that ties in with...
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    Batman 3: Which new villain do you want to see?

    Nolan's capable hands are exactly why a story like The Long Halloween could be incredible on screen. But, I would really doubt that WB is willing to put the Falcones so squarely in the limelight. Not to mention the fact that, y'know, Falcone is dead at this point. Which makes it that much...
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    Batman 3: Which new villain do you want to see?

    Catwoman, no questions asked. I couldn't pick two villains, and since Catwoman is too conflicted as a character to be considered a true arch-nemesis, I'd like to see Nolan tackle a complex romantic plot amidst the backdrop of a madman running amok...   ...which makes me want to place an...
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    Danava - New Album, Tour, and Bandmates

    I'm not 100% sure how I found myself so completely head-over-heels about this band. By all rights, my reason for despising Rush (i.e.: Geddy Lee's voice exclusively) should firmly apply here as well. But it doesn't, and I'm hooked. Like...
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    Binaural Albums

    Quote: No, just a few of the sound clips peppered throughout are. I question the value of binaural recording on a madhouse Grindcore album anyway.
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    Does the fall of music ever depress you? It does me.

    People put CRASS on a pedestal? Yipes.
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    Does anyone else share this feeling?

    I have to say, for me this is only an issue with overproduced records... sadly, most modern albums (any given genre) are overproduced. There is a painfully distinct lack of musicality, particularly with drum tracks and "cleaned up" guitar/bass work (and don't get me started on vocals) in most...
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    How miserable can one be?

    Hold tight fella. I went through something similar (never made it to the wedding) and about a year and a half later, I'm still not completely over it. The betrayal is the toughest part - self-opinion gets crushed remarkably easy. But, as Unkle Erik mentioned much earlier in the thread...
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    Super Street Fighter IV

    Quote: Originally Posted by RedLeader Ikaruga much? I build my own sticks and personally I grew up on iL, so that's what I use. I keep telling myself I'll make a seimetsu, but I think 3 sticks is probably too much.... right? If you DIY your sticks, there is no such thing as too...
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    Super Street Fighter IV

    I LOVE THIS GAME. Jab spam seems to have been tweaked. You can't just turbo mash light punch to stuff 90% of your opponent's offense any more. Woot! Some of the tighter links in the game seem easier to pull off (still working on consistently landing DeeJay's lp>lp>mp>sobat though - at...
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    Super Street Fighter IV

    The amount of "stroke" between Seimitsu and Sanwa is completely different, with the former having a short, tight movement range, and the latter being considerably more "analogue" in feel. If you ever played MvC(2) at an arcade in North America, chances are you played on a Seimitsu with a bat-top...
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    Super Street Fighter IV

    Ryu's Ultra II is definitely just a variant on Gouken's, but my god is it freaking cool!
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    Or you could break the bank and go for customs, which are very wearable under a helmet... $200 later. That said, I was thrilled with my ER20s, but I'm IN LOVE WITH my custom ER15s.
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    Pork Chop Sandwiches!

    So what did I miss, anyway? Good to see a few familiar faces still active around here!
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    Upcoming: Hockey Playoffs

    The unfortunate side of overtime in the playoffs: More face-time with Glenn Healey.
  25. GlendaleViper

    Upcoming: Hockey Playoffs

    Been some questionable refereeing across all games so far. The Sedin "stick-through-the-head" will be on blooper reels for decades. Took me 5 minutes to write that, what a final 5 minutes in the Canucks/Kings game!