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  1. dhwilkin

    NASA believes in power cables...

    ...and the price is out of this world! Yeah, thread title may be a tad misleading, but I wanted an attention-grabbing title. Eventually, this sort of trickle-down technology could at least give us nice PCs that are way more flexible and efficient than current ones. And the marketing...
  2. dhwilkin

    Wanted: Advice for measuring room acoustics

    Lately I've become curious about just how good or bad the room acoustics are in my apartment's main area, which is where I have my relatively modest home theater system. I think it's a fairly decent room, but I don't always plan to live in this apartment, so knowing how to check other rooms...
  3. dhwilkin

    Different speaker types' characteristics?

    I'm pretty familiar w/ dynamic and electrostatic speaker characteristics, thanks to headphones. But what about the more exotic speaker types, like ribbons, horns, and line sources? What are generally accepted strengths and weaknesses of each type? What specific models of each type are usually...
  4. dhwilkin

    25 minutes to audition equipment, what music do you use?

    I know we've done threads on what music you use to evaluate equipment, and they're pretty useful. Ideally, you'd use all that music and have plenty of time to evaluate something. But, let's say you're at a distant meet, or you drop by somebody's place for a very quick visit. At this place there...
  5. dhwilkin

    Finally, my search is over...

    ... my search for a job, that is! That's right, after nine months of being unemployed, I've finally found another job. It's w/ a consulting company, and the project is for Java development/testing at IBM. Very few people were hiring junior developers, so this is a major relief. Now, what does...
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    New Denon universal player

    Denon 2900.
  7. dhwilkin

    Best Flash game EVER!

    River City Hacky-Sack
  8. dhwilkin

    Digital karaoke

    OK, this is some funny, funny stuff. I highly recommend listening to the Green Eggs and Ham one, as well as the Britney one. Dictionaraoke
  9. dhwilkin

    A Monster comic!

    One of the better Penny Arcade comics.
  10. dhwilkin

    Any other choices?

    I'm almost done upgrading my headphone system (no, I really mean it, quit snickering). One of the remaining items is the headphone amp. Now, I've already got an old Max, so it's obviously no slouch. And since my main headphones are basically set in stone as the W2002, that pretty much rules out...
  11. dhwilkin

    Quiet case fans

    Hey guys, well I finally got a new computer! Check this out: - Athlon 2000+ - Asus A7V-333 motherboard - 512 MB DDR 2700 - 80 GB WD hard drive - GeForce 4600 - Hercules GameTheater XP - Enermax FS710b case - Logitech Optical Mouseman Wheel - Windows XP Pro. It's a great comp...
  12. dhwilkin

    Source impressions, part 1

    I've been looking for a new cdp to replace my Pioneer DV-343 -> modded MSB Link DAC. Not one to take baby steps, I figured I'd have to spend a few thousand to get a big improvement. So I went to a local hi-fi shop in search of a few good sources. My first choices to hear were the Musical...
  13. dhwilkin

    Which sport produces the best athletes? (nougat)

    As the title says, which sport do you think produces the greatest athletes, and why? My vote goes to amateur wrestling, for the incredible balance of strength, agility, and endurance (for both upper and lower body) displayed by its athletes, all while meeting a very tight weight limit.
  14. dhwilkin

    Amusing copy-protection read

    Ultimate Copy-Protection
  15. dhwilkin

    Go Canes!

    I've gotta congratulate the Carolina Hurricanes for making it to the Stanley Cup finals! Everybody was counting them out, except for the players themselves. Amazing game against Toronto tonight, they showed alot of guts. The Leafs might've won, if it weren't for one little fact... Carolina OWNS...
  16. dhwilkin

    Nougat: Where in the chain should coloration be added?

    After my recent DAC comparison [/shameless plug], I realized that if I kept the DI/O as currently modded, I'd need to introduce some warmth in the vocals somewhere later down the chain. Or, I could get the DI/O re-modded to be warmer in the first place. So here's my question: Where in the...
  17. dhwilkin

    Got my modded DI/O and...

    ... man, is this thing tiny! It looks like a toy compared to my MSB Link DAC. Guess I'm going to have to find a way to weight it down. I'm getting a good lock w/ ext. synch, maybe I'll try the other settings later. As for the sound... I can hear it, so that's a good start. Time to start the...
  18. dhwilkin

    K1000 & Stuff

    The April issue of Stuff for Men Magazine has a small list of several headphones they recommend. Surprisingly enough, the K1000 is on that list! I didn't think they even knew about AKG. Don't get your hopes up too high, though, as the V700DJ is also on that list. I think they probably put as...
  19. dhwilkin

    Reference recordings

    I have some discs that I think have very good recording quality, in addition to being great music. However, I've always wondered how good they were compared to the very best CD recordings. So I'd like for people to list their very best recordings, even if they aren't necessarily your favorites...
  20. dhwilkin

    Like Driftwood, like Neruda...

    ... I'm back! I went to Florida for a job interview this past Thursday through Saturday. Went well enough, I thought. Of course, having my return flight delayed by bad weather so I missed my connection in Atlanta sucked, I had to spend the night in the airport. Any Floridians have...
  21. dhwilkin

    Melos headphone section update

    In a previous thread, the question came up as to were there any differences between the headphone sections of the various Melos Sha-* incarnations. I sent an e-mail to Melos Audio Restoration, and this is the answer I got: Quote: Dear Doug: In answer to your question, there is...
  22. dhwilkin

    Check out the latest 777ES mod!

    This info is from Dan Wright's site. Drooooolllll.......... Sony XA-777ES Tube mods: At T.H.E. Expo in Vegas, ModWright will be debuting mods for the Sony XA-777ES multi-channel flagship SACD player. These mods will include a single-ended tubed output stage for the XA-777ES (circuit design...
  23. dhwilkin


    Disclaimer: This is a POP review. So if that gives you the willies, feel free to stop reading right now, wussies! Shakira is a beautiful, no gorgeous, 24 year-old Colombian lady, w/ parents of Colombian and Lebanese descent. Like many pop artists, she's been singing and dancing from a very...
  24. dhwilkin

    Norh 4.0 mini-review

    Since I was asked about these, I decided this would be my holiday present to Head-fi, a review of my Norh 4.0 speakers. Misc. Notes: All of the equipment used to evaluate the speakers (Toshiba DVD player, Outlaw 1050 receiver, DH Labs Q10 speaker cable) is fully broken-in. Also, I have not...