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  1. PopZeus

    Bassy, single dynamic-driver IEM recommendations

    I'm looking for *single dynamic driver* IEM recs. Can be V-shaped but would prefer neutral mids and treble, with bass boost instead. I like natural sounding mids and a smooth, not bright, flat top end. and a clean bass boost/shelf just shy of basshead levels. I'm not sure about price, but I'm...
  2. PopZeus

    Your Favorite HD Albums

    Or which HD albums do you share with newbies to the hobby. Or your favorite HD albums for testing new gear. Here's my Top 10: The Smiths - Complete (a cheat but they were released as one thing and I can't choose) The Beatles - 1+ Beck - Mutations Fleetwood Mac - Rumors Led Zeppelin - Houses of...
  3. PopZeus

    Best fun IEM recommendations

    I love the Philips Fidelio X2, Oppo PM-3 and the E-MU Teak for my over-ear cans. Anyone have any recommendations for a similar sound profile (and quality) to those full-size in IEM form? I've really enjoyed the Marshall Mode and B&O H3, but that's it. Other IEMs seem to make too many compromises...