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  1. Krutsch

    Reply to review by 'krutsch' on item 'Wyrd USB Decrapifier'

    If you have USB issues, you need to solve them by removing competing devices from the same bus (i.e. move your DAC cable to a port with nothing else internal using the same bus). Period. Using a Wyrd or an iFi USBPower will do nothing to solve these issues. And, if you aren't experiencing...
  2. Krutsch

    Reply to review by 'krutsch' on item 'Grado Reference RS2 Headphones'

    Nice review and matches my experience with the RS2i version. I can go longer than 30 minutes with mine, but YMMV. One point, IMO: for classical (at least strings or chamber), jazz and acoustic, I love these, but for rock (i.e. classic guitar rock, not metal) the Grado RS2 really falls down...
  3. Krutsch

    Reply to review by 'krutsch' on item 'iFi Nano iDSD'

    @ClieOS Thank you for taking the time to write the review, as well as your very thoughtful responses to questions.
  4. Krutsch

    Reply to review by 'krutsch' on item 'iFi Nano iDSD'

    @ClieOS OK, got it. No one is looking for a "sensational review" from a respected reviewer.  But you have to appreciate that as someone who reviews a lot of gear, you have heard/experienced more equipment than most folks on head-fi.  As such, we really *do* want to know how a product stacks up -...
  5. Krutsch

    Reply to review by 'krutsch' on item 'FiiO Kilimanjaro 2 (E11K) Portable Headphone Amplifier'

    I think I have to have one, if for no reason other than I am sick of carrying around a "Mini USB" cable only for charging my current E11 (when everything else uses Micro USB).  Looking forward to reading sound comparisons with E11 / E12.  Nice review!
  6. Krutsch

    Reply to review by 'krutsch' on item 'iFi iCAN headphone amplifier'

    Fantastic review and thanks for taking the time to do such a thorough write-up. I have the iUSBPower and I agree with your take: I believe I can hear a positive difference when using with my Dragonfly, but with my desktop setup, I can't tell if it's helping.
  7. Krutsch

    Reply to review by 'krutsch' on item 'Onkyo C-S5VL C-S5VL Super Audio CD/CD Player'

    I bought one of these in 2011 and it has stood the test of time. I think it really is a giant killer and none of my other source components sound as good (which has me searching for a new DAC for my MacBook Pro). For some reason, Onkyo stopped shipping these to the US, which is too bad, because...