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  1. Kodhifi

    My review of the new Audeze Mobius wireless planar dynamic headphone with 3d audio

    I signed up as a backer #634 on their Indiegogo campaign and pre ordered it for $249 back in March of this year. After many set backs and delays they missed their ship date of June 2018, then missed July, then missed August. The item finally arrived 9/6 and I have my initial impressions after a...
  2. Kodhifi

    First Impressions of the new ATH-ADG1X

    Let me preface by saying I never heard the non X version of these headphones and the only other AT  set I have is the M50 so I can't tell you if these are based on 900's or 700's. I can only tell you I'm now a huge AT fan and please sir may I have some more.     Review:   I have a lot of...
  3. Kodhifi

    Comparison FLAC recordings of Modi 2 Uber and Musicstreamer ii plus

    Please understand this isn't a Schiit bash. I love my Lyr 2 and I like the company, I was just disappointed in the modi 2 uber. I hope they can accept honest criticism.   I raised some pretty serious questions in the HD650 thread about the sound quality of the Schiit audio Modi 2 uber (I said...
  4. Kodhifi

    Need help! Anybody with access to Dave Brubeck Quartet's 'Take Five" which side do you hear drums?

    I thought I was going crazy but after I hooked my new Lyr 2 amp up I realized that the channels were reversed, except they weren't. I have 3 versions of Dave Brubeck's Take Five, Most of them have the drums on the left channel, but one of the better recordings has the drums on the right...
  5. Kodhifi

    Music with flaws you only noticed when you got better headphones

    Lets get a list going of songs that used to sound fine, but after getting better equipment you noticed flaws that slipped past the recording engineers. Name the artist, track, equipment, and flaw.   Blood Orange - Champagne Coast - HD650/E5 DAC The drums are looped every 2 measures and when...
  6. Kodhifi

    My review of the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro (in white)

    Disclaimer, I'm a Beyerdynamic fanboy but my review is critical.   I started with the 880 and life was good. I acquired a 990 and found the first headphones Id ever heard that needed 0 EQ to sound optimal. They are still my go to cans. I've heard great things about the Custom One Pro and so...
  7. Kodhifi

    Compared, DT990 fresh out of box with DT990 2 week break in.

    My replacement DT990 pro's arrived today and although I think I sorted out the shorting driver in the other pair, they're still going back because I don't trust headphones that have problems like that so soon. I got burned on Grado's once for not returning/exchanging early enough and got stuck...
  8. Kodhifi

    My week old DT990's just died

    So much for Fridays being a good day. Fell asleep listening to music on the 990's and when I woke up I moved my head and the left speaker cut out. I reached up and jiggled the cable and sure enough, the left started cutting in and out quite loudly I might add.   At least the seller has a...
  9. Kodhifi

    Getting noise on my Audioengine D1 DAC. Suggestions?

    I have an Audioengine D1 DAC, USB bus powered going into a FiiO E9 desktop headphone amplifier. Most of the time this arrangement works tip top but occasionally at very high volume I can hear a hiss and hum coming from the DAC and strangely it seems to be the USB cable.   If I jiggle the USB...
  10. Kodhifi

    Who has ever turned a 2 channel amplifier into a Dolby Surround by wiring + to + for rears?

    Anybody remember this old trick of wiring surround speakers to a 2 channel amplifier by making the rears a series connection going from + to + so that only the out of phase sounds will produce voltage? I remember doing this on my Pioneer amp back when I was a teenager before Dolby Surround...
  11. Kodhifi

    Where might I find parts for a DT990 Pro cable replacement?

    Love the phones, hate coiled cables. I could solder a new cable on in a heartbeat with my Weller but I was thinking of something more posh. Where might I find something like a mini XLR jack to mod the 990 pro to have a removable cable?   Has anybody had luck doing this before?
  12. Kodhifi

    Breaking in DT 990 pros and have questions

    My DT 990's came in today. I have the 880's already but the premium version and this is unexpectedly different. I knew from the pictures that the outer covers were a little different but I assumed the rest was the same.   1. The headband is a button over kind but it seems to be fake leather...
  13. Kodhifi

    Hifiman 400 vs Beyer DT880 question

    I think I have my target locked for the next headphone purchase. I'm looking at the Hifiman 400 planars and I was wondering how they stack up to the DT880.
  14. Kodhifi

    AKG Q701 VS Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm - The Kodhifi shootout

    I have spent the last month or more with the q701 and it's had about 300 hours of break in now so it's finally time to see how it  stacks up against the DT880 250 ohm. The format of this shootout will be 3 songs, chosen for their clarity, dynamics, and quality,  they lend themselves well to...
  15. Kodhifi

    Need a new MP3 player that is fast to navigate, inexpensive, and easy to read the display

    I had a Sony 16GB walkman I got for a 10 year work present and for some reason it decided one day it didn't want to start anymore. I spent 2 weeks trying to run the battery down on it to force a reset, and long story short it's dead and I executed it with a set of stadium snare drumsticks and a...
  16. Kodhifi

    Stupid Amazon cancelled my order of DT250 V6 velour pads. Looking for a reputable dealer

    After 5 days of "not yet shipped" they cancelled the order this morning explaining they were out. I'm looking for a reputable dealer for the DT250 velour pads to upgrade the ones on my Sony MDR-V6 and I don't want to get ripped off. Replacement pads on my 880's are only $30 or so and $45 for...
  17. Kodhifi

    Opinions of people who have heard DT880 comparison between 250ohm and 600ohm versions.

    I got into a discussion with someone about 701's vs 880 and was talking about how much forward the 701's bass is in comparison. Long story short they disagreed so I went and pulled the frequency graphs and sure enough my observations were true, but only comparing 250ohm 880 (what I own) to Q701...
  18. Kodhifi

    Anyone else get a 701 rash around the ear?

    I've been wearing the heck out of my Q701's the last weekend and it had been making me itchy where it touched but I thought it was the fabric earpads getting caught in my hair and pushing them against the grain. This morning my wife remarks that I have a rash on my head and it looks like it's...
  19. Kodhifi

    My review of the AKG Q701

    I've been using Beyerdynamic DT880 in the 250ohm model for about 3 years and I almost wore them out from so much usage. At the time I bought those the only other headphone that came close was the K701. Fast forward a few years and AKG releases the Q701 Quincey Jones model with a detatchable...
  20. Kodhifi

    My review of the Sony MDR-V6

    A bit about my collection Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm AKG Q701 Sony MDR-V600 Sennheiser HD201 Sennheiser HD205 Sennheiser HD419 Grado SR60i The V6 used to be a standard in the recording and video/music production worlds and Sony decided to cash in on this by discontinuing the V6 and...
  21. Kodhifi

    I found a really easy way to demonstrate distortion caused by sample rate and bit rate conversion on a DAC. You don't need golden ears either.

    I just got a few new sets of headphones so I was messing around with SinGen, a sine wave frequency sweeper and I was startled to discover I was hearing clearly audible sounds all the way to 30,000hz. Now I happen to know my 38 year old ears can't hear anything beyond 17,200hz yet not only could...
  22. Kodhifi

    Q701's are hard to drive??? My comparison to Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm

    250 ohms. It's the middle of the road in terms of resistance. So how do the 701's stack up?   These are brand new Q701's. Like they were in the package 5 minutes ago. I'm listening to a hard rock song on an E9/E7 combo, and I have the volume on the E9 at just over 1/4 way and it's just under...
  23. Kodhifi

    Need somebody with an E9 and E7 to reproduce a problem for me please with USB noise

    I just got my E7 yesterday and I don't know if something is defective or if this is normal so I was hoping somebody could reproduce this situation.   1. Connect USB to computer and E9. 2. Use the 3.5mm analog line in and connect it to your computer. 3. With or without the E7 inserted, I...
  24. Kodhifi

    How hard are the DT880 250 ohms to drive anyway? Puzzling things I've noticed as an owner

    So my E7 came in today. I excitedly connected it with the ipod dock cable to my Iphone 3gs and began to turn it up, and up and up and at 60 it stopped and was no louder than my Iphone itself. I plugged back and forth between amp and Iphone and if there was any difference in volume it was slight...
  25. Kodhifi

    Would this rackmount parametric equalizer work for removing HRTF from headphones?

    I'm trying to eliminate HRTF resonances in my listening setup. Right now I'm using a software parametric EQ but that only works in winamp and I want to do my entire signal path so that it works in games, in fruityloops, Itunes, etc so I can game, listen, and master, without those annoying 5k...