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  1. Bjornboy81

    Power amplifiers that are good for headphones - how are they built?

    It ultimately comes down to components used and the circuit design (electrical and physical layout). Is that what you're asking?
  2. Bjornboy81

    Portable amp for Ety ER-6i...need more bass

    ^Since when is price the sole determiner of quality? Thanks for the suggestions Nate. I searched a bit and couldn't find info or where to buy one...any links?
  3. Bjornboy81

    Portable amp for Ety ER-6i...need more bass

    Thanks guys. What about the iBasso T2? Same bass boost quality as the P2?
  4. Bjornboy81

    Portable amp for Ety ER-6i...need more bass

    Hey guys and gals, I bought the ER-6i's a couple of months ago and really like them, but I would like a little more bottom end. What amp do you suggest with a decent sounding bass boost? I'm shooting for no more than $150 here so I'm thinking the iBasso T2 (I really like the size too) or the...
  5. Bjornboy81

    Custom Transformer for the KGSS

    Check out Renco Renco Electronics, Inc. They have decent prices on small batches and prototypes. Not sure what they would do for personal (not company) orders.
  6. Bjornboy81

    What happens if you leave your iPod running without headphones plugged in?

    Why would it be damaged??? Does it work? It sounds like the play button got pushed accidently about 3xx songs ago. With or without headphones plugged in it's going to just play. Use the hold switch. Side note...if you have headphones plugged in and it's playing, it will pause (and...
  7. Bjornboy81

    MDF cutting guide/app?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Joshatdot This is why...smooth smooth FREQ across the board Gotcha...guess it lookes a little more out than that by the numbers. Looks good though!
  8. Bjornboy81

    Post pics of your builds....

    no need to quote with all the pictures. Perferrably none, but if you're quoting a post from a couple pages ago, please include only one. We've already seen need to post them all again. thanks
  9. Bjornboy81

    What cable to use for RCA-RCA

    I've made some from the teflon SPC coax wire and it worked fine. no need to braid either. got it from this store: eBay Store - John's Silver Teflon Wire Shop: 24 AWG, Kapton Wire, 26 AWG
  10. Bjornboy81

    Post pics of your builds....

    Quote: Originally Posted by Kerry I just completed a build of the Kevin Gilmore All-Triode Tube amplifier. It's got a solid state power supply and uses PTP wiring for the tube section. The case was made from scratch using aluminum that I ordered online. This is my first amplifier...
  11. Bjornboy81

    post pics of your headphone set up and listening area

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cousin Patty Thanks. The amp in the corner is my old bass amp. I dont use that anymore (except to put stuff on). I'll take that off your hands for you Those Hartkes are nice Much smaller than my hugh ***** 15" Fender M-80
  12. Bjornboy81

    MDF cutting guide/app?

    Did you enter the tuned frequency? If so, why did you go for 19.33Hz? Seems kind of low. It looks like the actual will be around 50, which seems a little high. I think optimal would be around 35, 37 ish. my $0.02.
  13. Bjornboy81

    DIY turntable, or Frankenplanar

    Quote: Originally Posted by digitalmind Hmm, that's not expensive at all. Perhaps, instead of having the whole Table floating, it'd be an idea to only have the platter float? Multiple magnets on the underside of the platter and on the Table, it should be possible to support the...
  14. Bjornboy81

    Post pics of your builds....

    ^looks great! what did you use for the case?
  15. Bjornboy81

    ipod lineout with an attenuator

    The lineout of the iPod is not intended to drive headphones. It doesn't have the current capability to drive them. You may get away with it for a little while, but you could potentially harm the DAC (or whatever is actually the driver). If you're not using an amp just use the headphone output.
  16. Bjornboy81

    Penguin amp re-box

    check out Hammonds products. A little pricey, but very nice. they can bought at Digikey, Mouser, Newark. Hammond Mfg. - Small Electronic Enclosure Index
  17. Bjornboy81

    Power on switch madness

    Quote: Originally Posted by Punnisher Great thread. I lol'd a few times. I think the coolest and most practical way would be to put a key swith, followed by a profusely-oversized circuit breaker. It would be awe-inspiring to hear the loud CRACK of the breaker when turning it on/off...
  18. Bjornboy81

    recommended grado SR-80 mods

    A bunch more: HeadWize - Project: The Collected Grado Headphone Mods by "Skippy" et al.
  19. Bjornboy81

    Some advise for an small desktop amp ...

    A couple: HeadRoom Total BitHead @ HeadRoom - Right Between Your Ears The Predator - Ray Samuels Audio HeadAmp - Audio Electronics (Portable Headphone Amplifiers)
  20. Bjornboy81

    balanced XLR switchbox suggestions

    Quote: Originally Posted by error401 Running with a splitter has the effect of paralleling the input impedances of the two amplifiers. Most amplifiers will have their input resistance set by a resistor to ground, and it won't be switched out when the amp is off. If that's the case, your...
  21. Bjornboy81

    Pushing the envelope with PCB height... using thin insulating material?

    Static electricity and butyl rubber are friends too Stick with the teflon or Nomex (if you can find it). The fragility of Teflon really shouldn't be an issue, it's going into the amp, and that's it...shouldn't be touched again.
  22. Bjornboy81

    Should transformers buz/hum?

    Yeah, just put the two leads in the two slots on the recepticle and check the AC voltage.
  23. Bjornboy81

    Post pics of your builds....

    Looks like a good start tharenth! I agree with Eokboy...also you could go with a rocker switch instead of the toggle switch in the front. IMO they don't look too clean and takes away from it. Good luck and welcome!
  24. Bjornboy81

    Should transformers buz/hum?

    I highly doubt DC on the utility line, but I agree with a higher line voltage. The transformers in these components [I]should[I] be able to take 125VAC or so, but they are probably still nearing the saturation curve of the core.