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  1. jonny564

    Tablets that "plug n play" with USB dacs?

      Been out of the loop for a while and i have been wanting to run a semi-portable setup with a small dac/amp hooked up to a tablet. I know earlier in the year and the end of 2012 there were a lot of issues with being able to run a setup like this. Are there any recommended tablets out there that...
  2. jonny564

    light room treatment for Bookshelf sized monitors?

      Looking to give speakers a try and wanted to start out with a small bedroom setup. (around 10x12ft) would room treatment have any benefit from running such a small speaker setup like the audioengine P4 or A5's? nothing crazy just a panel per wall. maybe a diffuser if i can get one for a good deal.
  3. jonny564

    Strongest True Portable Amp+Dac

      Looking to go into the portable from my current desktop setup. I tried doing some searching but alot of the information is somewhat old and i know a few new options have been released since last year. Looking for an amp+dac for iems but would like something strong enough to use at home as well...
  4. jonny564

    Quick Question On matching ohms with headphones/amps

      Purchasing a he-500 soon and its listed as 38ohms. I was planning on getting a project sunrise II for it, but after i recently checked the website where its sold they have a "bigger brother" version. I would rather go with the more powerful amp since the he-500's are great at scaling.  ...
  5. jonny564

    Schiit Bifrost Echo normal?

        Just recieved my Bifrost in the mail today. Pc-Bifrost-Asgard-hd600, Bifrost to pc via toslink. I am noticing some echo coming from music but i am experiencing massive echo in voice programs(skype/ventrilo) to the point where the voices are so drawn out its barely understandable. Sounds like...
  6. jonny564

    Any New DIY Dac options for a novice DIY'er? $100-$350

       Going to be building a Project Sunrise II amp for a pair of HE-500's i soon hope to own. I have been back and forth between pre-assembled dacs around the price range and am looking at a schiit bifrost. Since im going to be building a Sunrise II i figured why not look into the diy options as...
  7. jonny564

    Looking to Tighten Up my PC setup. Dac and Cable question

    Setup HD600's --->Schiit Asgard ----> Udac2 ------->PC   I have had this setup for about a year now, and am looking to upgrade my source.        Anyone with experience in the two would a Schiit Bitfrost be a worthwhile upgrade over the udac2? I have heard decent reviews for the udac...
  8. jonny564

    Dac to amp through headphone jack.

    For some reason the left side of my headphones go extremely quiet when i hook them up to my new asgard from rca to rca, i was able to fix the problem by using the mini to rca cable that came with it. Will i get the same SQ running it like this as i would hooking the udac to the amp through rca...
  9. jonny564

    Udac-2 sample rate/bit depth question.

    Just got my Udac a few days ago due to horrible laptop sound card. Is there any reason not to set it to 2 channel, 24bit, 96000Hz(highest setting) as opposed to the defualt 2 channel, 16bit, 44100Hz?