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  1. jjinh

    Why's Summit-Fi been moved down in the forums menu?

    It's a small category - it stands out more where it use to be.   (NB for those who havent noticed it used to be above the Equipment Forums, now it is listed below)  
  2. jjinh

    Why do I see some people's trader feedback in non-for sale threads?

    As per the title, i.e. why do I see some people's trader feedback in non-for sale threads?   I dont know if it's on purpose or not because I havent been here for about a month but it's really ANNOYING! Frankly I do not care what people's trader feeddback is unless I am in one of the trading...
  3. jjinh

    Is it okay to wear headphones while driving?

    Every single day I see people wearing headphones while they are driving.   Some are easy to spot as they have those horrible white Apple earbuds in both their ears. I assume they're listening to some equally terrible music on their iPod. I also see drivers wearing earbuds or canal phones...
  4. jjinh

    Sparkfun Electronics Free Day (i.e. free stuff!)

    I thought some of you guys might be interested in this from the Sparkfun website: Quote:   Conditions are on the website. I'll be flying over the Indian Ocean at that time :(
  5. jjinh

    [FIXED] Text in some threads italicised. Plus you cannot edit those posts italicised.

    Random posts in a variety of threads I view are italicised, usually towards the bottom of a thread (not just ones posted by me)         I tried to edit the above post I got the message     When I tried to edit another one of my posts in a different thread (that wasnt...
  6. jjinh

    Bumping FS Threads

    Can we resurrect the sticky about not bumping your own FS thread everyday? Some people are bumping their threads 2 or more times a day.