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  1. sonic_rage

    cheap mustek portable video player on woot

    just thought someone might find this useful in their search for inexpensive vid players.
  2. sonic_rage

    just got my iGrados

    I got my iGrados earlier today and had a quick listen to them @ stock then immediately quarter modded the thick pads. These things sound great. It goes great with drum and bass, trance & rock. I'm listening to some Fleetwood Mac right with no complaints. Finally a lower end grado with...
  3. sonic_rage

    Has anyone ever thought of creating ksc-75 speakers?

    I was listening to my 75s and let them rest on my desk for a moment while they were still on and noticed they can get pretty damn loud and still sound great, espicially with amplification. I was wondering if anyone out there has made speakers out of these great, cheap drivers. A speaker setup...
  4. sonic_rage

    KSC75 luv

    I thought I'd make a KSC75 thread since i havent seen one in days!! I'm always so blown away after listening to my KSC75. They sooo rock, I can't emphasize it enough. Koss rules for practically giving these things away. Cheers to these great, fun sounding, inexpensive cans. ALLEZ...
  5. sonic_rage

    Where can one find a decent 1/4" to 1/8" audio plug?

    Anyone know where I can find a decent 1/4" to 1/8" adaptor? Thanks!
  6. sonic_rage

    Koss UR40: Great, inexpensive full sized can!

    With all the rave of the ksc75s these days, as well as the radio shack sale allowing more and more people to give koss a try I thought I'd mention another cheap jewel in the koss lineup. So I've been using the UR40s for over a month now in rotation with a couple of other cans and find that...
  7. sonic_rage

    Samsung wins deal to supply future Ipod chipsets.

    let's cut to the chase... is it going to sound better than the current ipods? i mean the bar wasn't left off very high, with the exception of the sigmatel powered shuffle. what do you think?
  8. sonic_rage

    How do you remove the insulation foam from the UR40?

    To open the UR40s do you just forcefully pull the pads off? After that does the 60 ohm driver cover come right off? Thanks.
  9. sonic_rage

    ATTN: Canadians that want Grado SR60/80!!!

    I know how hard it is to find a deal on anything grado in canada. Only place i know that sells them in toronto is bay bloor radio and they sell the SR60 for 109$ CAD now, i believe. So take advantage of this deal! I got a pair of SR60s off this seller before. SR60...
  10. sonic_rage

    Can anyone recommend a decent, affordable USB sound card?

    I was looking into a turtle beach audio advantage model. Is this line of USB sound cards any good?
  11. sonic_rage

    Can turning on an amp that has the volume raised to the max with can connected bad?

    I didnt know the amp was on the max and i had my headphones connected to it i turned on my MD and i heard a slew of loud static for a moment before the music came in. Can that loud, punchy static damage 'phones?