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    LH Labs Geek Out v2 Discussion Thread

    I hope that means I get bumped up in the list and receive the GOV2 earlier, I was originally on batch 24-25.
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    Light Harmonic GEEK

    Has anyone seen the measurements for the GEEK since the switch to the ES9018M?   I've seen the measurements for the GEEK Pulse, there seems to be quite a lot of high order harmonics.   Do we know whether going from the normal GEEK to the Super Duper GEEK raises noisefloor and THD?
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    Old music recording remaster process ?

    We are talking of two different things, you are considering the technology from the pov of the record collector and I'm considering it in a general pov.
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    Old music recording remaster process ?

    I was only comparing a new master tape and a newly pressed LP from that master tape andI thought that the vinyl master pressing was directly cut from the master tape after a RIAA equalisation.
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    What does 24/96 mean?

    Quote:   Another example of sampling rate and bit depth.   - Screen resolution is a 2 dimensional sampling rate, horizontal and vertical, the point is that once you get past the "Apple Retina" resolution (~300 dpi), there's no visible progress any more. It's the same for audio. Peer...
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    Brief Odac impressions

    Quote:   Yoyodyne Consulting is actually the source of the ODAC boards, the rest are resellers who also integrate the boards into appropriate casings.
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    How far can EQ really go towards truly equalizing headphones?

    Quote:   What if the mastering engineer is mastering on an equalized system, plenty of them do.
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    Objective2 Mini-Review and Discussion

    Quote:   The gain structure is supposed to be reworked so as to avoid the most egregious issues with mismatched gain,
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    what makes some amp better than others?

    Quote:   FR graphs for SS amps are basically useless, they are all flat enough. Too much gain (voltage) often equals higher noise.
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    Brief Odac impressions

    Quote:   It's a good thing you don't listen to pop, rock, metal or r'n'b then.
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    Skullcandy Mix Master Mike versus Audeze LCD-3

    Quote:   The overall volume in terms of SPL doesn't change much, but the interesting question is how the ear (and the brain) perceives the second harmonic.
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    Funny comments from the forums.

    Quote:   You have some issues with the producer of Michelle Jackson?
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    Is it better...

    High level signal with low gain => less noise, less chance of damaging your monitors if there's suddenly an extra loud sound (if the protections don't kick in)
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    FLAC and WavPack skip but ALAC doesn't?

    It's has nothing to do with the format (FLAC, Wavpack, ALAC), it was a ripping issue. The process goes like this: CD > Ripping > Temporary Wav > Encoding > Compressed file (Flac/Wavpack/Alac...) The ripping routine of Foobar and iTunes is different and the errors that occured when you read the...
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    Class D - heaven or hell ?

    Like beauty, value lies in the wallet of the beholder :D If I were into amps (as opposed to active speakers), I'd be more likely to spend $1k on a Yamaha P7000 than a $2k third party NCore, no matter how "objectively better" the NCore performs. PS: If I were to estimate at what price an Ncore...
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    Class D - heaven or hell ?

    There's no denying that an NCore amp can be DIY'ed for cheap, Mola-Mola can't set itself up as a competitor for DIY'ers and Hypex's OEM clients. If you bu Mola-Mola, you are essentially buying the certainty that your gear was 100% designed by Bruno Putzeys. IMHO, it's not worth it, but some...
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    Class D - heaven or hell ?

    It's also going to be freaking expansive, 6,500€ for the preamp and 10,000€ for the pair of monoblocks.
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    FLAC vs Apple LossLess

    What you need to do is uncheck the box "let iTunes organize my music folders", you won't have further problems with mixed up albums. By the way, Flac and Alac are strictly identical as far as sound quality is concerned. Finally, should you still want to have Flacs instead of Alacs, there's no...
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    Analysis Plus 'Scientifically Verifiable' cables ....

    Here's a picture from their Physics of Frequency Smearing page: I don't know what kind of cable they are using to get that with a 200 Hz square wave, but I've used cables of the coat hanger type in the MHz range without getting that kind of crappy square waves. I'm tempted to call it an epic...
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    Accurate sound = musical sound?

    That was my point actually, mastering in a good room is the way to go. Also, the very flat FR curves of this room were obtained purely through room acoustical treatment, there was zero EQ involved.
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    Epiphany Acoustics E-DAC / JDSlabs ODAC / Head 'n' Hifi ODAC / ~ discussion

    A higher background noise makes softer musical details harder to pick up. When that user said that orchestral music has a dynamic range of 60 dB, he's not referring to dynamic range as SNR, but rather to the difference of volume between a pianissimo and a fortissimo, totally different notions.
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    24bit vs 16bit, the myth exploded!

    Background noise would be audible if we reduced bit depth, I have ABX'ed successfully 16 and 14 bit files. (same origin, volume and time aligned)
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    Poll: Can you hear sound over 20kHz?

    Indeed. And considering that no microphone is linear up to 20 kHz.... yeah it's pretty useless.
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    Poll: Can you hear sound over 20kHz?

    I am skeptical at that claim, given a sampled 22.05 kHz sine wave and a 44.1 kHz, it's will be reconstructed into a 22.05 kHz sine wave; if it were reconstructed into a 22.05 kHz triangle wave, it would require an infinity of harmonics.