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  1. DudeMyCans

    What books to read to get started with electrical knowledge?

    The Art of Electronics was a the standard text when I was an electronics student many, many years ago. Excellent book.
  2. DudeMyCans

    Increased Production at the Audiophile Center of Excellence in Ireland

    This is great news. I live just down the road from you, but didn't realise the importance of the Tullamore site to your global strategy. Good luck and I wish you every success.
  3. DudeMyCans

    AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

    Anybody use this to stream digital to a DAC ? Is there anything you need to set up in the configurations or is it just as simple as plugging in a suitable cable ?
  4. DudeMyCans

    Noise Reducing Sports Earphones ?

    Hi, Does anybody have any recommendations for a good, inexpensive pair of noise reducing earphones that are 'sports safe' (sweatproof) ? I'm looking for something to filter out the deafening dance music in my local gym. The sound quality is probably secondary to the noise isolation, after all...
  5. DudeMyCans

    Review: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote

    Mine arrived today. I ordered them from Amazon Germany at lunchtime on Saturday. They were delivered to a courier company in the UK yesterday evening and I had them in my hand (in Ireland) at 8am this morning. Unbelievable.   As for the headphones themselves. I'm absolutely staggered by them...
  6. DudeMyCans

    Review: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote

    I've just pulled the trigger and bought a pair. I've been procrastinating about it all week until I discovered they were €20 cheaper on Amazon. Germany compared to Amazon. Looking forward to using them with my Xduoo X3 at work.
  7. DudeMyCans

    Review: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphone with In-line Microphone and Remote

    Sounds perfect. I want something that'll drown out the background conversations but allow me to hear the phone or fire alarm etc. Thanks for the comparison with the Senn HD650. That gives me a good baseline. They really sound superb value. Thanks everyone.
  8. DudeMyCans

    Starving Student PCB's

    Hi Fred, is the board for the original Pete Millett 19J6 version or the later one ? I have one I built up a couple of years ago with 19J6s, on perfboard, but I'm thinking of rebuilding it onto a PCB. I've probably even got enough parts left over to build another one as well :-).
  9. DudeMyCans

    FiiO X1 II (2nd Gen) w/ Bluetooth!

    Thanks Killcomic. In fairness they do sound like deal breakers to me. The clicking and file browsing would drive me mental. I reckon I'd better sit and wait or else buy the original X1 or maybe even the Xduoo.   The only thing that puts me of the Xduoo is that it looks like it was designed by...
  10. DudeMyCans

    Play MP3 & FLAC from USB Memory Stick ?

    Thanks again.   I'll keep looking around, I may even have an old games console lying around that my sons aren't using that I could use. Failing that something like what you've mentioned or the Roberts Radio Stream 93i seem to fit the bill as they're controllable from my tablet or phone.  ...
  11. DudeMyCans

    Play MP3 & FLAC from USB Memory Stick ?

    Hi,   Sorry if this is a dumb question, although I'm pretty much a lifetime hifi nerd, I've responded well to my addiction treatment in recent years and have stepped back a little so don't really know what's available any more.   I'm looking for a source component that will allow me to play...
  12. DudeMyCans

    Post pics of your builds....

    Very nice Zigis.
  13. DudeMyCans

    DIY HE Adapter

    I'd seen that project100 link before as I was thinking of building one for my 600 ohm Beyers but I wasn't sure if the 120ohm parallel resistor was the way to go. I know that nominally headphone outs are 120ohm, but I thought that typically modern amps were much lower and wasn't sure whether to...
  14. DudeMyCans

    Schiit Modi USB DAC

    Just found out that my Modi has gone AWOL in transit and it looks like it'll be at least another week before I get it.
  15. DudeMyCans

    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    I've been wondering if there'd be any value in building a 48v linear PSU for this amp rather than the standard switch mode unit. Has anybody tried it?
  16. DudeMyCans

    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    Deleted. (Had submitted a reply to Grumus, but realised KimLaroux and live wire had beaten me to it).
  17. DudeMyCans

    Schiit Modi USB DAC

    I've just ordered a Modi, hoping to get it before Easter. As I've just mentioned on another thread, does anybody have any experience powering the Modi from a separate power supply rather than the USB port ? Is it worth playing with?
  18. DudeMyCans

    This Schiit is Bananas! $99 Schiit Magni Amp and $99 Modi DAC

    Just ordered a Modi to match with my SSMH. Can't wait. Problem is, I'm already thinking about whether it'd benefit from a dedicated power supply. Think I've got upgraditis pretty bad !
  19. DudeMyCans

    beats executive headphones 5 wire stereo jack

    Sorry, I can't really give you much help as I've never rewired any headphones, let alone Beats, but I don't like seeing your post ignored. Do you have a DVM to check the continuity between the cables? You should be able to find a couple of pairs of cables with something between 30 and say 250...
  20. DudeMyCans

    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    Sorry for multiple posts, as I've just posted this in the 'post photos of your build', but here's my attempt. Built with 19J6's.       It's still unfinished as there's no sound in the right hand channel, but it worked ok when I first built it in a shoebox to test it, so hopefully it's...
  21. DudeMyCans

    Post pics of your builds....

        Here's my almost completed MSSH. I had it running in a shoebox, but when I boxed it up properly the right hand channel isn't working, so a bit of troubleshooting needed. This explains why the top isn't fastened down and it's still on a workbench in my shed.   Anyway it's in a 150...
  22. DudeMyCans

    WORST headphone you ever heard?

    The OP said to exclude Beats and the buds you get with your iPod otherwise this is going to turn into 100 pages of "my Beats were crap". My worst phones were a pair of Panasonic wireless phones that would explode into a few seconds of deafening static every 5 minutes or so. Wearing them was...
  23. DudeMyCans

    Driving Headphones Directly From Speaker Terminals

    Thanks Eddie. I'd read most of that thread and it was one of the reasons I'm interested in trying it, but as it was talking about balanced headphones with a much lower sensitivity, I didn't know how applicable it was. I've just read the rest of the thread and reckon it'll be worth a try.
  24. DudeMyCans

    Driving Headphones Directly From Speaker Terminals

    Does anybody have any experience driving high impedance headphones (yes I'm talking about DT880/600's) directly from the speaker terminals of a power amp? I've Googled it and it seems that its fairly common in professional sound applications but don't see much about it on here and I need more...
  25. DudeMyCans

    Millett "Starving Student" hybrid amp

    I've built a MSSH to drive my DT880's and although I've only used it for 15mins or so as its not boxed up yet, they do sound good. I'm still looking at whether or not its possible to drive them directly from the speaker terminals of a power amp as well as I think that this may give them the...