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  1. steviewonderbread

    The Watercooler-- Impressions, philosophical discussion and general banter. Index on first page. All welcome.

    I've been having a blast with my IEC711 mic/coupler and REW on my mac. I still have some more models to measure. Maybe I need my own squig link database, lol! Besides the Variations and S8, the Titan S is my next favorite, with the Chu and Zero coming in remarkably close behind even ignoring...
  2. steviewonderbread

    7Hz Impressions & Discussion

    My coupler came in today and my Zero was the first one to get graphed. Love this set.
  3. steviewonderbread

    7HZ Salnotes Zero is now available at Linsoul Audio!

    this tuning? detachable cable (which looks to be high quality)? I am intrigued. :L3000:
  4. steviewonderbread

    DUNU - Discussion/Impressions Master Thread

    I am highly, highly impressed with the speed / tactility of the Titan S driver. I find it more clean than even something like the Moondrop Kato. The dip in the upper mids makes percussion (and higher register vocals) sound effortless without losing any resolution. Imaging is respectable -...
  5. Sold: Focal Clear (original)

    Pending sale Continuing to downsize my collection and these are the next to go. These were purchased new/B-stock from audio exchange by the original owner in Feb 2021. They are covered by warranty through Feb 2024. (I am the second owner, and I’ve included the proof of purchase /...
  6. steviewonderbread

    Moondrop in-ear monitors Impressions Thread

    The Chus are too bright/shouty for me but *way* more technically strong than I was expecting. It’s a gem. Better than the SSR by a lot, which was my previous cheap Moondrop purchase.
  7. steviewonderbread

    Denon AH-D5200 (little brother of the AH-D7200)

    I prefer these over the Elegia by quite a lot. Really just because of the tuning above 1kHz; I think the resolution is pretty comparable. At this level of performance it comes down to preference and availability.
  8. steviewonderbread

    Feedback by 'steviewonderbread' on listing 'Price Drop: Campfire Andromeda 2020'

    Excellent experience, fast shipping, buy with confidence.
  9. steviewonderbread

    Feedback by 'steviewonderbread' on listing 'Audeze LCD-XC (pre-'21)'

    Great selling experience, would happily work with again!
  10. steviewonderbread

    Feedback by 'steviewonderbread' on listing 'WTB ThieAudio Monarch MkII'

    Hlee227 went above and beyond! Item just as described, and got from Canada to US in record time. Would gladly buy from again.
  11. WTS Fostex TH610

    **Sold on reddit** Selling these wooden beauties to fund a different purchase. They are in very good shape and I was impressed with their detail, layering and comfort. Comes with the stock 1/4” cable, a short aftermarket 3.5mm cable, and the pleather pouch. The original box and sleeve are there...
  12. Audeze LCD-XC (pre-'21)

    SOLD 2/4/22 I wasn’t bothered by the weight of these detail monsters, but they seal so well that it actually gives me headaches after awhile, so I’m deciding to move on. They are in great shape and come with a Cardas Clear Light unbalanced cable (and the stock cable, whose left connector is a...
  13. steviewonderbread

    Feedback by 'steviewonderbread' on listing 'Audeze LCD-XC - FREE Fed Ex Shipping & Full Insurance & all PayPal Fees'

    Answered all my questions, shipped them out lightning fast and went above & beyond in packaging my purchase up safely. Would do business with again in a heartbeat!
  14. steviewonderbread

    LCD-X and XC Update

    Woke up and did some neck exercises to prepare for their arrival. I think I like the lacquered wood look of the pre-'21 models.
  15. WTS ThieAudio Monarch (Original/Mk1)

    Edit 1/27/22 - sold on Reddit Hi! This is pretty much a catch-and-release, I have fallen in love with these IEMs but the upper part of the shell just doesn’t sit well with my ear shape. The earphones work perfectly and are like-new. Comes with original 2.5mm cable plus 3.5 and 4.4 adapters...
  16. steviewonderbread

    Comment by 'steviewonderbread' on listing 'WTB ThieAudio Monarch MkII'

    When the new classifieds UI came out I did this like 4 times, it could be improved for sure :)
  17. steviewonderbread

    Comment by 'steviewonderbread' on listing 'WTB ThieAudio Monarch MkII'

    Those appear to be sold (it’s kind of confusing, you have to look at the top of the page on the new head fi classifieds system) but thanks!
  18. WTB ThieAudio Monarch MkII

    On the lookout for a MkII ThieAudio Monarch. Preferably from the US but willing to look at other offers depending on shipping cost. Will pay via PayPal G&S, I can cover the fees if need be. Thanks!
  19. steviewonderbread

    Comment by 'steviewonderbread' on listing 'Sony XBA-N3 IEMs'

    I’d prefer to ship domestically, thanks for your interest.
  20. steviewonderbread

    Feedback by 'steviewonderbread' on listing 'IEM Cables'

    Very quick shipping, pleasant messaging, easy transaction!
  21. steviewonderbread

    Tin HiFi Impressions Thread

    Okay, this is perhaps the best thing that Tin has made since the T2 made waves when I was just getting into iems. (I’ve owned those, the T2+, T4, and also the regular T3 for a short while.) Tuning is outstanding, soundstage/imaging are above average to good, comfort is the best I’ve ever...
  22. steviewonderbread

    Feedback by 'steviewonderbread' on listing 'Hifiman Sundara 2020 Edition'

    Quick, pleasant communication and amazingly fast to ship them out. A pleasure to buy from.