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  1. Adnen Ayed

    Floating Bearing Turntable by Yuki Precision

    I came across this beautiful product and thought I'll share it here for analog Headfiers. The japanese precision parts processing manufacturer, Yuki Precision, has developed its first audio product, an analog turntable labelled "AP0". By designing a bearing that floats thanks to a magnet, the...
  2. Adnen Ayed

    Quick Comparison of the Sony WH1000X M3 against the M4

    I'm posting this after my post of the WH1000X M4 a few days ago. My son got me a WH1000X M3 from a friend. So today I'm trying the earlier version M3. Sound wise, this version has a nice deep low range with the usual Sony thumpy bass, just like the M4. The vocals are a treat, strong yet...
  3. Adnen Ayed

    Impressions on the Sony WH1000X M4

    I was happy to read that Sony is increasingly 'serious' about its headphones business. They have further improved the WH1000X M3 in the recently launched 4th generation WH1000X M4. My curiosity aroused, I borrowed one and took a listen. Unfortunately, I don't have the M3 to compare, but it's on...
  4. Adnen Ayed

    B&W Duo wireless speakers, Not Impressed

    Today, I took a listen to the B&W Duo, a pair of wireless active speakers of which I read some nice reviews. Since many years, I've been a fan of B&W. It started in 1997 when I had the opportunity to listen to the 801 coupled with the TAVA8ES still under development in a Sony audio room in...