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  1. Krutsch

    Sony NW-A50 Series

    Creating a new thread for the NW-A50 Series DAP. Looks like a popular update is coming for the Sony Walkman. So far, here is what is available on the web for specs, et al.: EDIT: Adding links to the online help guide...
  2. Krutsch

    Vinyl Upgrade Path

    Hi All,   I recently got back into vinyl by unboxing my 30 year-old Thorens TD-166 Mk II. Was gently stored, in great shape and, after replacing the drive belt and cleaning all of the contacts with De-oxit, it just worked. Looks nice, too.   I replaced the cart with an inexpensive Ortofon 2M...
  3. Krutsch

    Replacement DAC section for NuForce Icon HDP?

    Hi All,   I frequently use a Wolfson DAC -equipped SACD player's analog outs into a NuForce Icon HDP.  I really like sound of those components, together, and so I am pretty happy with the amp section of the Icon HDP w/ a linear power supply.   However, taking the same Redbook audio...
  4. Krutsch

    Replacement for Shure SE420 IEMs for Grado RS2i Fan?

    Hello,   I just finished rooting/updating my Nexus S 4G with Voodoo Sound and, surprise, surprise, now I want new IEMs.   I listen to my lossless CD rips (FLAC) from a modified WD MyBook Live using BubbleUPnP via Wi-Fi at home and the same collection transcoded/uploaded via Google Play...