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  1. bobfa

    Re-cable to balanced for headphones. Wondering if there is a standard way to go back to SE

    I am in the process of re-cabling my headphones for a balanced amp and I am thinking about building an adaptor into the cable so I can do balanced or singled ended.  I would need some sort of inline connector sets to create short adaptors.  I was wondering if anyone has developed a "standard"...
  2. bobfa

    Total Bithead 2006 Arrives

    I am Amped! The mechanical build quality is very nice. The jacks and switches appear to be very good quality. The case is very sturdy and the battery cover is a nice touch. The documentation is simple and complete. Nice touch with the cables and the "feet". This is exactly what I expected...
  3. bobfa

    New Cans beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO / 80

    I just picked up some new cans for my office rig in development. I had not seen these before DT 770 PRO/80 the cans are 80 Ohms. Has anyone else seen/heard these? The headband has a little 2 x 80 Ohm on them. Burning in now. I know I should not listen but they interesting. A little strong in...
  4. bobfa

    Just got my Shure E5c's: Pics of what you get in the box.

    I thought folks would be interested in what comes with a $500 in-canal phone from Shure so I took a few quick snapshots. Good camera but fast quick shots with no pro lighting, sorry. I put them up on my website (Images are clickable): Shure E5C pictures We need a Shure smilie Bob...
  5. bobfa

    MAC G5 Source : Digital out, Help me pick a DAC

    My main computer at home is a MAC g5 that has digital out. I was wondering if anyone else is using a G5 as a source? Also are you using a DAC? I have been looking at the Grace 901, but I am very tempted to get a PPA with a DAC built or build one myself. I am going to purchase a new set of...